These 10 Brands Have The Most Loyal Fans

That Defend Them Ferociously

10. Toyota

The Supra, which was popularized by the Fast and Furious franchise, is an icon with a huge cult following worldwide. The list goes on.

9. Ford

The Mustang s one of the oldest muscle car models still in production, the F-Series which has topped sales charts for years, the GT40 that famously won at Le Mans, and many others.

8. Chevrolet

General Motors has owned many brands over the years, but none of them are as important and iconic as Chevrolet.

7. Porsche

Porsche didn’t invent the sports car, but they perfected it when they introduced the iconic 911 in the ‘60s. Since then, the 911 has gained a reputation for being the ultimate driving sports car.

6. Jeep

Jeep is known for building incredibly versatile vehicles that can serve as daily drivers, work trucks, or capable off-roaders when needed.

5. Hyundai & Kia

These two giant Korean brands have enjoyed steady growth over the years and have successfully stolen a significant share of the market previously held by their Japanese rivals.

4. Tesla

Part of the reason why Tesla has been so successful is that its customers won't shut up about how eco-friendly and technologically advanced their cars are.

3. Subaru

Subaru has made its name as one of the top brands when it comes to safety, reliability, and longevity, which is why it won many Americans’ hearts and kept them coming back for more.

2. BMW

BMW has established itself as a manufacturer of some of the most popular luxury sedans and SUVs. The most popular BMW model of all time is the 3-Series and the M3 it spawned.

1. Ferrari

Ask any gearhead to name the greatest sports car of all time, and it will likely be a Ferrari. The cars are known for their gorgeous designs, powerful engines with glorious exhaust notes, motorsports excellence, and overall prestige.

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