Ford Mustang 1964

The first Mustang was so successful that it started a new class of cars – pony cars. It also entered the history books as one of the best first-year sales of all time.

Ford Mustang 289 HiPo (1965)

Although the Mustang looked sporty and cool, it shared modest underpinnings with the economy Falcon. Ford responded well with an exciting engine called K-Code = the 289 V8 but with a milder, more street-friendly tune and 271HP

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 R (1965)

The cars responsible for the Mustang’s racing success were 34 “R” models produced only in 1965. Those cars were not street legal and were purely for racing purposes, which they did exceptionally well

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 428 (1968)

The legendary 428 Cobra Jet debuted in 196 and Ford immediately put it in the Mustang. The Mustang 428 CJ was a mid-year introduction designed for drag racing, which is why it was sold in modest numbers.

Ford Mustang California Special (1968)

This special version was among the most famous and desirable for Mustang collectors. It was a special model for California dealers to boost Mustang sales in the state.

Ford Mustang Boss 302 (1969)

The third redesign of the Mustang appeared for the 1969 model year, and the car grew in size once again. The Boss 302 is the essential model among the many performance options

Ford Mustang Mach I (1969)

The original Mach I was introduced as an affordable performance version of the Mustang Sportsroof in 1969 and featured a long list of options and three engines. Only a small number had the Cobra Jet engine, which was the ideal option.

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