These Are the Most Influential Cars In Auto Racing History

Ford GT

The original Ford GT was a car built with a specific purpose in mind, and that was to dethrone Ferrari in world races.

Photo: Auto WP

The car did exactly that and was one of the most victorious cars in the history of the LeMans. What made the GT special was not only its beautifully shaped aerodynamic design but also the powerful engine under the hood

BMW E30 M3

BMW has cultivated a stellar reputation for racing and that doesn’t stop with the F1 circuit.

Photo: Edmunds

The E30 M3 was also one of the most decorated cars in the racing world. The E30 M3 won two European Championships, two British Championships, and four Italian Championships. The M3 is world-renowned for its performance and laser build quality

Ferrari F2004

Legendary driver Michael Schumacher piloted the car to 15 wins in 18 races.

Photo: Edmunds

The build quality of the F2004 was unlike anything else in the Indy car world. There was a level of precision unmatched when compared to other F1 race cars

1949 Oldsmobile Rocket V-8

The 1949 Rocket V-8 was the very first production race car or “stock” car as they were called.

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Back when the Rocket V-8 was racing, the cars were so factory stock that many of the drivers would drive themselves to the race in the same car that they were driving in the race.

1955 Chrysler C-300

This was the first car that gave Oldsmobile a run for its money.

Photo: BAT

The Chrysler C-300 was the second most influential car in stock car racing because it was the next evolution of the design. The C-300 utilized new technology and an aerodynamic design to achieve much better results on the racing circuit.

1957 Mercury Monterey

The car had an amazing string of luck in terms of wins until a deadly crash in 1957 when a Monterey came barreling into the crowd and killed some of the spectators.

Photo: Bring a Trailer

After that, the sport was changed from being done on a dirt track to a traditional race track. So you could say in one sense that the Monterey helped to pave the way for the NASCAR we have today

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

The 1957 Bel Air was one of the first fuel-injected cars on the road and the first fuel-injected race car.

Photo: Mecum

The Bel Air had such a string of good luck on the NASCAR circuit that the racing organization banned all fuel-injected cars during the era.

1961 Galaxie "Starliner"

The Starliner had 61 championship wins during its initial run in the racing circuits.

Photo: Auctions

The Chevrolet Impala outdid the car, which came onto the scene in late 1961. The low-slung styling and design of the Galaxie Starliner was its strong suit

1963 Chevrolet Impala 409

The 409 was a low-slung race car with all the aerodynamics and performance.

Photo: Lowrider

Many drivers don’t know that the Impala was originally a race car. But the model proved so popular that it lasted for decades on the market

Pontiac Catalina Superduty 421

The main thing that made the Catalina special was the 421 V8 engine under the hood.

Photo: Hagerty

This was the base for everything that made the Catalina a great car and showcased the power of Pontiac engineering

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