Massive Car Flops Released by Ford and GM

10: 1975-1980 Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette would go through several renditions of the design but it just didn’t connect with consumers. This generation of the car was not only a massive departure for the company but also a letdown for Corvette enthusiasts.

Photo: Bring A Trailer

On the positive side, this is one of the most affordable Corvette models on the used auto market.

9: 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

But it was a modern V8 engine, and critics panned it for lacking the necessary horsepower and performance to be a real sports car.

Photo: Hot Rod

The Monte Carlo was discontinued only a few years after it was released. The sales numbers were not what GM had hoped for since the car was not moving units.

8: Chevy Beretta

There was nothing remotely appealing about the Beretta. The car would end up being discontinued in the 1990s and the Camaro was eventually discontinued in 2002.

Photo: GM

The Beretta was a letdown in terms of performance and most consumers were disappointed. Not to mention the fact that Camaro loyalists were not going to give up on the car for a V6-powered Corsica clone. This car marked a decline in quality for GM

7: Chevy Corsica

The compact design of the car was popular with rental car fleets and used car lots. The problem was that the design of the car was inherently cheap and it gave Chevrolet a cheap reputation.

Photo: Car Domain

Between the lackluster build quality and the questionable performance, the Corsica just didn’t latch on with consumers. There are a few cars remembered for being hunks of junk and the Corsica is one of these cars.

6: HHR SS Panel Van

This panel van was mocked for being a rip-off of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, and not only that, but it was also a rip-off that was far too late. The HHR SS Panel Van is rare and had no real point

Photo: GM

The car didn’t offer much in the way of performance or value. The HHR was lampooned for being a pale imitation of the already existing PT Cruiser.

5: Chevrolet Caprice (2010-2017)

When the revised Caprice was announced, the automotive press was all over it. After all, the Caprice line was a historic part of GM discontinued in 1996. The new model was revealed to be a Law Enforcement only model

Photo: Find Me Cars

GM missed a big opportunity by not releasing the Caprice back to the general market because many people have been waiting for a modern Caprice

4: Chevy Aveo

While the Aveo was light years ahead of the compact cars it replaced, it was still a minuscule subcompact. The reliability was questionable at best, and the styling was about as unmemorable as you could imagine.

Photo: Car Domain

The Aveo was refreshed with a more modern design in the later years, but it wasn’t enough to boost sales. Consumer tastes were shifting and the Aveo didn’t resonate with consumers who wanted a reasonably priced subcompact car.

3: Chevy Volt

t was the first all-electric vehicle that was going to be mass-produced by GM. Undoubtedly, Tesla ruffled some feathers at GM, as the company didn’t expect EVs to take off as they did.

Photo: GM

The Volt was a reasonable-looking car with a comfortable interior and decent driving range but buyers weren’t too interested in it

2: Chevy Silverado Hybrid

As with the Tahoe Hybrid that was released around the same time, these vehicles were developed in response to the rising fuel prices of 2008. The problem is the Hybrid drivetrain was not much of an improvement over the standard models.

Photo: GM

Taking the Silverado Hybrid on the road was not like the standard models, it wasn’t off-road capable and it had a massive hybrid badge down each side of the vehicle.

Considering there was a hefty premium in price, the Silverado Hybrid just didn’t make sense when you considered all the factors in ownership.

1: Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

Slap a hybrid drive-train into the Tahoe and call it economical. The problem with this theory was that the Tahoe Hybrid was not much more fuel efficient than the regular models.

Photo: GM

The hybrid drivetrains back in 2008 were not as advanced as they are now, and the Tahoe Hybrid was a much more limited vehicle.

Nowadays, this SUV is sort of a collector’s item.

You’ll still see them on the road from time to time but it’s a rare sight.

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