Coolest Fast & Furious Cars Ranked From Slowest To Fastest

10. 2020 Toyota Supra

It will do 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 163 mph without the factory limiter.

Starring in an adrenaline-fueled street chase in Fast 9 and driven by returning hero Han Seoul-Oh, the 2020 Supra is a clear nod to Brian's eponymous MKIV Supra made famous by The Fast And The Furious (2001).

It even adorns a similar orange paint job, albeit with a black hood and black vinyls on the doors.

9. 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R34

These cars were limited to 155 mph, but could probably do 165 without the factory limiter.

Ask McCarthy which car prominently featured in the franchise, and he'll answer, "The Skyline GTR."

When one is shooting a movie that involves drag racing and drifting, leaving the GTR out of the filming is unacceptable.

8. 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV

The 320-hp sports car will reach a top speed of 165 mph.

After Brian's Mitsubishi Eclipse exploded, he still owed Dom a ten-second car. To keep his promise to Dom, Brian gets a totaled Toyota Supra.

Dom, unsatisfied with the speed of the Supra, gave the car to his crew to modify so that it could become a racing beast.

The crew performed a stellar modification, making the car so fast that it could outrace a Ferrari. Dom spent $15,000 to restore the car in the movie, while McCarthy spent over $100,000 off-screen.

7. 2010 Dodge Charger SRT-8

With 425 horsepower on tap from the factory, the 2010 Charger SRT8 will top out at 180 mph.

During an interview with Wired, uploaded to YouTube, McCarthy stated that Dodge had played a major role in the franchise by being one of the car partners.

The car appeared in the fifth installment, and Dominic and Brian drove it.

6. 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

Thanks to all that power and a more aerodynamic design, these race-ready classic muscle cars were known to exceed 200 mph in a straight line.

Before the filming of Fast and the Furious 6, McCarthy wanted to build a car that could produce a lot of power. He stated that the Daytona used in the movie was not a replica but his version of the car.

Viewers would have seen Dom drive the Dayton during his street race with Letty in the sixth installment, as well as during the tank scene in Spain.

5. 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S

Capable of pumping out 503 horsepower. The top speed is 193 mph.

Although McCarthy used muscle cars throughout the franchise, he wanted to incorporate modern sports cars, as well. One of the obvious choices was the Mercedes AMG GT S. Tej Parker drove the car in The Fate of the Furious.

4. Lexus LFA

It will do 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 202 mph.

Featured in the unforgettable closing scene of Fast Five with Han behind the wheel and Gisele (Gal Gadot) sitting in his lap, Han's matte black Lexus LFA is easily one of the coolest supercars of the franchise.

The movie version was fitted with 20-inch forged BBC wheels riding on Bridgestone Potenza tires.

3. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

At top speed, the LP640 will be driving 211 mph.

Roman Pierce drove the Murcielago in The Fate of the Furious during the pursuit scene when he falls through the embankment of snow and into the water.

He thought that he would be cool by driving the Murcielago but admitted that the car was inapt for snow.

2. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

There's no telling how fast the car can actually go.

When Dom's dad passed in the car during a stock race accident, Dom was afraid to drive it.

The car was also in the fifth and seventh installment of the franchise. The Charger R/T is one of the most beautiful cars featured in the franchise, and with all that power under the hood, there's no telling how fast the car can actually go.

1. 2011 Lykan Hypersport

The top speed for a Lykan Hypersport is a staggering 239 mph.

When the producers shot the seventh installment in the UAE, McCarthy wanted to feature a supercar but was apprehensive about making a decision, as he felt that the locals were so rich that they used a Lamborghini Aventador as a daily driver.

Once he discovered that Lykan had built only eight units of the Hypersport, he found the answer.

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