Money Can’t Buy Happiness

But bacon on the other hand can make you quite a happy person indeed

Photo: eBaum’s World

via Dequan TV

Feed Me

Gas prices causing you pain at the pump?

Photo: eBaum’s World

This is a unique bumper sticker that sheds some humor on an otherwise painful experience (via Dequan TV).

Mom Naps

Can’t find time to take a nap? We’ve all been there.

Photo: eBaum’s World

Fortunately, there are bumper stickers like this one that illustrate that fact (via Dequan TV).

This mom was quite fed-up with never being able to achieve a nap, so she got a bumper sticker that vented her frustration. When it came to expressing herself, this mom did it well with this unique bumper sticker.

Are You Following Jesus This Close?

Faith-based bumper stickers are popular in some areas, and this is a unique one that drives the point home

(via Dequan TV). There aren’t a lot of faith-based bumper stickers on the market that are as unique as this one is.

Trust Issues and Cynicism

It’s amazing that people still have issues like this in the modern era.

Now, in addition to this bumper sticker building on the clinical depression of most people, it also goes against the grain when you think about being let down (via Dequan TV).

World’s Best Driver

Funny it has been placed on a Toyota Prius car, by far one of the most boring cars on the road .

Photo: Ebaums World

via Dequan TV

Not The Greatest Car

A unique bumper sticker with a twist on a famous song by Jack Black and Kyle Gass

So this person knows that they don’t have the greatest car on the road, but they decided to take the nameplate on the car and use it to create a unique bumper sticker with a twist on a famous song by Jack Black and Kyle Gass (via Dequan TV).

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