8 Cheap And Easy Ways To Get Into Motorsports

8. Simulation Racing

By far the easiest and most affordable entry on this list, sim racing allows you to experience motorsports from the comfort of your home.

7. Go-Karts

Karting really shines in the competitive leagues, with the little karts making up to 50 horsepower at times. Most F1, WEC, and NASCAR drivers start out in professional karting.

6. Time Attack

Time attack racing will give you what you put into it, with many just using their daily drivers.

The goal of a time attack is to beat your own lap times, and your competition's lap times.

Only your car takes the track, so there's no risk of getting in an accident with another driver.

5. Track Days

Tracks put on track days for enthusiasts to come in whatever car they please, ranging from garage-built pocket rockets to six-figure exotics.

expect to pay gate fees and account for the cost of safety equipment, usually just a helmet and long pants.

There is more risk involved with more cars on the track, so watch your surroundings and pay attention to signals from the track staff to prevent any accidents.

4. Fun N' Grudge Drag Racing

Knowing how to do proper burnouts, how to read the tree, and making proper shifts are all vital and somewhat difficult aspects to drag racing.

Thankfully, most drag strips have plenty of staff to instruct you. Chances are the pits are full of seasoned veterans willing to give some advice or a helping hand, you just have to ask.

3. Autocross

Autocross can be held anywhere from empty parking lots, abandoned airfields, or even off-road, but the goal remains the same.

The course is laid out in cones, and whoever can navigate the cones the fastest wins.

Hitting cones typically adds a penalty to your total time, so it's best to avoid them.

Autocross is extremely safe due to the typically low speeds and lack of other opponents to crash into.

2. Gambler 500

The basic premise is that contestants are to use cheap cars (preferably under $500) and trek through the wilderness, picking up trash along the way.

Contestants bring anything from lifted Miatas, limos on monster-truck tires, and ratty muscle cars.

The goal isn't winning either, just making it across and picking up trash.

1. 24 Hours Of Lemons

The race pits contestants against each other in $500 cars for two 8-hour racing sessions.

Judges will check your car, modifications, and paperwork to make sure no more than $500 was spent on the car (exception given to safety equipment).

Winners can expect a payout in the form of change.

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