10 Cheap Sports Cars That Make Terrible Daily Drivers

Pocket sized fun on a budget, however, these cheap sports cars are a terrible choice for daily driving.

10. Lotus Elise - Tiresome Entry/Exit Gymnastics

The Lotus chassis isn't the most ergonomic. Gaining entry required a level of dexterity that is sure to be a tedious challenge for daily use.

9. Toyota GT86 - Torque Less

Torque, not horsepower blunts the GT86s usability. Producing 51 ft lbs you're going to be a little dismayed at the GT86 acceleration taking 7.6-seconds to reach 60 mph. However, it's the unnerving torque steer that will deter most gearheads.

8. Alfa Romeo 4C - Flappy Paddle Only

The potent four-cylinder engine isn't as musical as a V8. At highway speeds emitting a tiresome drone that wouldn't be out of place in a cheap hatch. Worse still, Alfa Romeo only offered a paddle operated transmission delivering slug

7. Chevrolet Corvette C6 - Backbreaking ride

Adding MRC (Magnetic Ride Control) gave owners the choice of two ride set-ups. Touring setting is fine, but changing to sport gives backbreaking ride hopping over the smallest road imperfections.

6. Zenos E10S - Terrible Brakes

Track focused, it is great for blasting around a circuit, bet less so on public roads. A heavy brake pedal and no ABS will soon become tiresome around town. Keeping the E10 from rear-end collisions requires huge amounts of effort and concentration.

5. Mazda MX-5 NC - Smaller Engine, Tall Gearing

Opting for the cheaper 1.8-liter four-cylinder 126 hp is a mistake gearheads will regret. A power deficit isn't the biggest issue, but in a longer geared 5-speed manual, 0-60 mph takes 9-seconds.

4. TVR Chimaera - Tail Out Dramas

Getting this monster out of shape is an all-too-common occurrence. TVRs are great to own, providing you can live with the impending dangers.

3. Honda S2000 - Tiresome in Traffic

Around town at lower speeds, the F20Cs peaky power delivery is less fun, making the S2000 a tough choice. Below the VTEC engine's 6000 RPM transition point, the S2000 has little in the way of get up and go.

2. Mercedes SLK200 - Lifeless Steering

Speed or lack of it isn't the main reason for skipping this one. A vague over-assisted power steering set-up spoils the SLK200 driving experience.

1. MG-F / MG-TF - Back Again, As Bad as Ever

Zesty performance and commendable handling are offset by the MGs interior. Roof up, claustrophobic gearheads faced poor visibility and leaky roofs. On anything other than the shortest journeys the MG-F is a terrible choice.

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