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Community Guidelines

WebStories.Today will always have a set of community guidelines that describe what type of content is not allowed on the WebStories.Today platform. These policies apply to all types of content on our platform, including videos, comments, links, and thumbnails.

We apply these community guidelines using a combination of human reviewers and machine learning and apply them to everyone in the same way, regardless of the creator's subject or background, political point of view, position, or affiliation.

Our policies aim to make WebStories.Today a safe community and environment for all, while giving creators the freedom to share a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

What's NOT allowed?

  • 🔴 Misinformation
  • 🔴 Impersonation
  • 🔴 Spam, deceptive practices, MLM & scams
  • 🔴 Harassment and cyberbullying
  • 🔴 Harmful or dangerous content
  • 🔴 Hate speech
  • 🔴 Violent or graphic content
  • 🔴 Promotion or sale of illegal or regulated goods or services
  • 🔴 Suicide and self-harm
  • 🔴 Nudity and sexual content
  • 🔴 Advertising of unregulated financial products/services
  • 🔴 List of Restricted Businesses and Regions View List
If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service