Train your dog to sit in 5 easy steps

Sit is the first command every dog must learn. Here are 5 easy steps to teach your new puppy to sit

SIT is important

There is a reason the command SIT is so important

SIT allows your dog to stop moving and focus on you. Your dog cannot run, jump or wiggle when sitting

Foundation of training

SIT is crucial for teaching your dog many other commands

Only once your dog SITS can you teach them to

  • lay down
  • crawl
  • high five
  • shake paw
    and many others

Helps to focus

SIT allows your dog to focus his attention on you

When your dog SITs, his entire attention is on you. This eliminates other distractions.

Teach your dog to SIT

5 easy steps

Here are 5 easy steps to teach your puppy to SIT

Get treats

Training should not be started unless you have treats

Get plenty of enticing treats that your dog simply cannot resist. Then start training.

Call your dog

If your dog knows his name, call him.

Call your dog to you. Make sure your dog is looking at you before you start the next step.

Move the treat

Slowly is key

Move the treat above your dog's head alowly. make sure the attention of your dog is on the treat.

Keep going

Your dog will follow the movement of the treat.

As and when your dog follows the street movement with his head, your dog will start to move backward.

Time to teach the command.

The moment your dog's butt hits the floor, say SIT and offer a treat.

Do not delay in offering the treat. The moment the blood touches the ground, the treat and the command should come simultaneously

No Jumping

If your dog tries to jump, say NO

Your pup needs to understand that sitting is the only way of getting that rate. If your dog tries to jump, say no and do not engage with your dog.


Within a few attempts, your dog should start sitting to receive treats.

Even though your dog starts to sit to get treats, continue providing the command and treat simultaneously to establish a positive reinforcement.


Practice...practice and some more practice

Practice the SIT command every day for 5 minutes at a time at different times of the day. This will help set the command in memory

Keep going

Eventually your pup will sit even in absence of treats

Time and patience are key to good training. Never punish your dog.

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