Should you get a dog collar?

Does your dog need a collar? Yes? No? Let's find out

Dog collars

It's impossible to not take your dog out for a walk

Let's understand the pros and cons of dog collars

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Before you take a decision about whether to get a collar for your dog or not, you need to know the pros and cons of it.

Dog collar advantages

Why opt for a dog collar?

Here are the advantages of using a dog collar

1. Convinience

Way more convenient to put on the dog than the dog harness

The primary benefit of using a dog collar is that it can be put on the dog fairly easily. You can also leave the collar on your dog at all times

2. Variety and styles available

Different collars are available for different purposes.

A flat collar is used for dogs who know how to walk on a leash without constantly pulling. If your dog is fantastic at slipping, go for martingale collars.

3. Recommended by trainers

Trainers suggest starting the dog training process with a leash and a collar.

Many dog trainers suggest that leash training should be done with a flat collar and a four-foot leash at around six weeks of age,


There are some cons of using collars as well

Many times, a collar is not an option for the dog. Let’s find out when a collar can be more harmful than useful.

1. Dogs with medical issues

In some dogs with medical issues, collar is not an option.

If your dog suffers from medical issues like eye problems, spinal malformations, neck injuries or glaucoma, then opting for a collar is not the option for you.

2. Escape hazards

If your dog is a fantastic escape artist, there is a chance that he can easily slide off the collar and run away during walks.

This problem has been observed explicitly with the hound breeds like whippets, sight hounds and greyhounds. Since such dogs have a head and neck that are of similar width, they can easily slide out of the collars.

3. Tightness

Can constrict the airway

If you are a new dog guardian or if by mistake you tie the collar too tight, it can constrict the airway of your dog.

Good or bad?

Do you still think a dog collar is a good option?

Harness is a better option that collars. Anytime and for any breed.

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