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Guideline: Make Your Next Web Story Shine!

Use the following tips to make your web story stand out and be discovered
Author: Frederik Van Lierde ● Nov 25, 2022 ● 2 minutes read
How to add your web stories carousel to your Worpress website?

Are web stories new to you, and do you feel overwhelmed? Or do you want to bring your existing stories to the next level? Follow this guide and advice to let your next web story stand out.

The good news is that being a Web Story creator does not require any foundational knowledge. Simply use the following guidelines and get started

Table of Content

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Images Guidelines
  3. Text Guidelines
  4. Structured Data Guidelines
  5. Auto Advance Guidelines
  6. Extra

General Guidelines

A general guideline to creating a successful web story is to deliver quality content. Make the different pages represent a coherent story, where the reader will flow from 1 page to the other.

This includes to make the title short and direct.

Make your story at least 7 pages long. (Minimum requirement to show Adsense Ads)

Images Guidelines

Make the background images of the pages width: 720px, height:1080
Smaller images can result in Google not showing your web story

We recommend to upload as cover image and image with min. width 1200px and min heigh 600px.
Even web stories are vertical, your web story can be showed in many other places as well.

When using our web story builder, the images will be scaled automatically.

Text Guidelines

Make sure text is not blocked by other content on the page and is easily and fast readable for the user and don't overuse animations!

Animations are distracting the users from keep reading the story smoothly, a better alternative is to use story instead

When using our web story builder, you have the "Swipe Up" feature to add extra text, links and more...

Structured Data Guidelines

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content to let search engines better understand what your web story is about

When using our web story builder, all needed structured data is added automatically, including Organisation, NewsArticle, Logo, ...

Auto Advance Feature

We recommend using the auto advance feature on your web stories, this creates the same feeling as Instagram Stories.

When you show only an image or only a title, set the auto advance to 3 seconds
When your web story page contains story, title and extra text, set the auto advance to min. 4 seconds.

The best way to decide the auto-advance lenght is to read yourself the web story page slowly.

When using our web story builder, you can set the auto-advance lenght per page, including the cover page

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