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Are Web Stories free Various tools allow creators to make free Web Stories. But additional features such as control of Google Ads, Distribution to other channels outside Google Discover, are available for a premium fee.
Web Sories Today has a 1x lifetime of $12 to start
Can I Create A Video Based On My Web Story? Yes, you can create automatically a video based on your web story, including adding music.
Can I download a transcript of my web story? Yes, you can download the transcript of your web story in Html, Plain Text and Markdown format
  1. Go to your Dashboard > Web Stories
  2. Select the Web Story (Edit) > Tools
  3. Click Transcript
What's the benefit of having web stories? They augment your blog posts and make readers want to visit your site.

Adding web stories to your content marketing mix, and optimizing them to the user's interests; creators and brands obtain an opportunity to gain a foothold on a new traffic source that quite likely competitors may not be aware of.
Can you set the advancement duration per web story page? (auto advance) Yes! Every page, including the cover page, has its own duration (auto advance setting).