Young Ukrainians in Kyiv – a photo essay

Photographer Fabian Ritter spent three weeks with young people in Kyiv getting to know their outlook and documenting their new everyday lives

Fans at a progressive rock concert wait for the next band to play

Musicians jam at an art and culture centre

Children still sometimes use this playground in the back yard

of an abandoned block

A lake between Irpin and Bucha is a favourite swimming spot

For Kyiv’s youngsters

Young skateboarders practise in front of Kyiv opera house

Ksenia poses for a portrait in Shevchenko Park.

She is thankful that she can still live in the capital.

Denis studies theatre in Kyiv.

He thinks himself lucky as no family member has died or is fighting on the frontline at the moment;

Maryna studies cinematography

And is working on a project about a friend who suffered severe trauma in the army during the early stages of the war;

June from Odesa is currently living as a refugee in Kyiv

And would like to change the gender in her passport as she is still listed as a man in her documents, which prevents her from leaving Ukraine

A local band plays at a concert

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