Women’s Suits 2022: Main Trends and Tendencies

Fitting into the images for women of different sizes and occupations.


This style is also suitable for the evening, if you choose a tuxedo-style jacket with satin lapels or a suit with a pearl effect, as well as for discreet business looks in models of a double-breasted suit.

The vests themselves can also vary in length – up to the navel or be somewhat elongated, like the jacket itself.

Short Jacket

A women’s two-piece suit looks elegant and stylish, without requiring an additional top in the form of a familiar shirt or blouse.

Two-Tone Pantsuit

Creative girls will surely appreciate the model of an original two-tone suit with a pinstripe print.

The contrasting combination of light milky and deep brown shades in a fashionable pantsuit gives expressiveness and showiness to a woman’s look.

Cropped Trousers

This format of a pantsuit looks very elegant, highlighting beautiful female legs, so the shoes should be perfect. Best of all, such a pantsuit is suitable for the warm spring-summer season.

An accent in an image with a fashionable suit can be performed not only on the top, but also on the bottom, namely, on cropped trousers in the style of a culottes or tapered models, realized with an increased waistline.

Business Suits with a Skirt

This spring, women’s suits 2022 with a cropped jacket and a knee-length skirt are in fashion.

If you have wide hips, choose skirts of the year, wrapped and with cuts.

For those with narrow hips, layered and pleated models are suitable.

Satin Suits

Pantsuits made of light fabrics in white and black tones are preferred by American designers

Showing trousers with numerous pleats at the waist, the top layer in the form of an unfinished skirt.

Tops and very open jackets are offered as the upper part of the suit.

Women’s Suits With Shorts

offered by many fashion designers. Designers allow the presence of both tapered and wide legs of different lengths and different cuts.

These can be ensembles of lightweight fabrics with a print, a combination of matte and glossy fabrics, a mesh T-shirt under a jacket, or a top-bodice worn with an open jacket.

Choose a suit in light colors – milky, white, beige, sewn from light fabrics, which will be comfortable in the heat. You can choose colored inserts on the lapel of your jacket.

Or it can be made from classic suiting fabrics.

Off A Man’s Shoulder

The free silhouette perfectly complements a business or casual look, making it comfortable and practical.

Oversized styles with wide long trousers and elongated jackets worn over tops or fitted sweaters will become relevant solutions. Sports shoes and feminine mini-bags are great additions to bulky pantsuits.


Vivid Variations

Stylish versions will appear before us in striking yellows, crimson, azure and reds.

Bright shades will be found in a variety of styles, including a three-piece, classic and evening models.

Pantsuits in juicy shades are best complemented with sneakers and sweatshirts in everyday outfits, as well as pumps and pastel-colored shirts for going to a business meeting.

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