Why do dogs love mud? 6 reasons

When you take your pup out for walks, it is almost impossible for them to resist rolling in the mud. Many guardians wonder why do dogs love mud?

Why is mud so appealing?

There are several reasons behind why dogs love mud so much. Keep swiping to find out.

Mud and dogs cannot be kept in two separate sentences. Dogs like mud. However, why do dogs like mud is a question that I will answer here. Keep swiping.

1. For easy hunting

After all, dogs are the descendants of wolves.

Dogs prefer to camouflage themselves to make hunting easier. The primary reason why dogs roll in the mud is to cover up their scent so that their prey do not see or sense them coming from a distance.

2. Territorial nature

Dogs love to mark their territory.

Dogs have sweat glands at the base of their paws. Thus, when they rub their paws against the mud, the sweat gland releases oils which help the dog mark the territory as his own.

3. To maintain their unique smell

When you bathe your dog, it removes their unique smell.

Dogs will bathe in clay because their paws release a unique scent. bathing in clay gives them back their identification smell which got lost due to the bath.

4. To comunicate with others

Dogs also use their scent as a way of communicating with other dogs.

If it was left to dogs, they would rather wallow in mud, garbage bins, and dead animals rather than take a bath and erase their own unique scent.

5. Enjoy the sensation

Dogs love the smell of mud

Dogs like the smell of mud. Thus, they love to roll in them. It appeals to their senses, even if it doesn't appeal to ours.

6. To indicate superiority

It is a way of aking for appreciation

Dogs wallow in the mud to show their other pack members that they have got something that is very interesting and is deserving of praise.

7. To cool off

Mud helps to reduce the body temperature

When your dog rolls in the mud, a thin coating of mud forms on its back. This protects your dog from the heat during summers.

8. Fun

Its fun and entertaining for your pooch

If you did not have to worry about taking bath and washing clothes, you would enjoy a mud bath every now and then as well.

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