Why do dogs lick you?

Have you ever wondered, why do dogs lick you? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are at the right place.

Why do dogs lick you?

Ever wondered what prompts dogs to lick people?

It has been commonly observed that most dogs like licking people. A lot of you may have wondered about the causes behind such behavior. Keep on reading to know more.

5 reasons

Here are 5 reasons why dogs lick the people they love

There are 5 primary reasons known so far for the behavior of dogs licking their humans. You may know some of them or you may know all. Keep scrolling to find out

1. Attention

Dogs love attention. This is something we all know

The licking behavior starts as a sign of affection towards the parents or guardians. However, this behavior gets reinforced by the guardian's reaction towards the licking like touching, smiling, petting the dog, laughing, etc

2. Affection

No brainer! Your pup loves you!

It is obvious that your dog loves you and wants to show it to you. This is why most of the time a dog licking a person is referred to as the dog kissing the person.

3. You taste good

Believe it or not dogs like the salty taste of human skin.

Dogs love interesting tastes. This can even include human sweat. Once your dog starts to lick you, he or she may realize that you are sweating and the skin taste is intriguing to him or her. The salt present in our sweat makes the skin tasty to the dog.

4. Obsessive-compulsive behavior

Rarely seen but is nevertheless an issue and must be restified asap

This is most often brought upon by stress and separation anxiety and dogs. If your dog is constantly licking surfaces, other objects, or humans, this might be a real issue that needs to be addressed.

5. Show submission

Surrender or submission is indicated by licking (people pleasing version of dogs)

Dogs lick other dogs and humans signify submission and recognition of the person as the alpha of the pack. This behavior has been brought down from their wolves ancestors.

Is it safe for dogs to lick you?

Yes, as long as you maintain proper oral hygiene of your pup.

There are no documented cases of such dogs licking humans and the lick leading to disease. Therefore, according to me, there is nothing to worry about.

Stop the behavior

Training is key

You can train your dog to lick you less. Get up, walk away, pay no attention.
When your dog stops licking, give rewards.
Your dog will understand you do not like such behavior and reduce it overtime.

Nothing beats their love

You are lucky if you have the unconditional love of a dog in your life.

For me, dogs are angels without wings and should be treated as such.


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