Why do dogs drink their urine?

Dogs drinking their urine can either stem from a physical discomfort or a behavioral problem.

Medical conditions

Several medical condition can contribute to this problem

Let’s start with understanding the medical factors which might be the cause behind why dogs drink their urine

1. Deydration

Dogs have not been observed to drink their own urine if they are hydrated

If dogs forget the location of their bowl, they may drink their own urine. Older dogs suffering from dementia may also drink urine if they forget the location of their water bowl.

2. Cushing's syndrome

Formation of tumor in the pituitary gland of your dog

The primary symptoms are excessive urination and uncontrolled thirst. the uncontrolled thirst causes the dog to drink urine.

3. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Constant thirst is a symptom

Your dog drinks their own urine since it is the easiest source of hydration available.

4. Urinary incontinence

Commonly observed in senior dogs

If these conditions are ignored or left untreated, thy will cause large amounts of urine to leak from the bladder when the dog lays down. If the dog it thirsty, they will turn to the urine for hydration.

5. Lack of dietary nutrition

Dogs drink their urine or poop when there is lack of proper nutrition in their diet

Discuss with your vet regarding the same and add multivitamins to the diet and stop giving your dog food items that are not healthy.

6. Other medical causes

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Excessive thirst (Polydypsia) can be caused by:

  • Hepatic diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney malfunction
  • protein deficiency
  • Meds side effects

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