What Color Goes With Gold?

Let’s have a sneak-peek into these glamorous color ideas.

Coral Pink

With a tinge of gold – you can ultimately transform the vibe and make the space feel more formal and sophisticated.

And yes, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen – this color will truly play flawlessly with a tint of gold.

Navy Blue

Especially for transitional and modern interior design style, never forget to try a fusion of navy blue and gold.

This classic combination is truly made in heaven and is bound to give the space a correct amount of depth, drama, and sophistication.


The combination of beige and gold is classic and will never get old or fade away.

Well, the most intriguing aspect of this duo is that they share similar tones and undertones. So, if you’re particularly amazed by the feel of a monochromatic vibe, this fusion is something to have an eye on.

Minty Green

The cool and refreshing minty green color can perfectly complement the golden tints in your room.

Yes, it’s time to make that cheerful ambiance a little more sophisticated and formal! Hence, with a bold wallpaper featuring florals and motifs and utmost breezy


This is a new day combination that feels quite unique and out-of-the-box.

Well, just like how trendy and admired the terracotta color is, at the same time, is the fusion with gold. So, you can consider painting the accent wall in this tone and further complementing the golden tints on the chandelier and furniture legs.

Multiple Colors

The gold on the lighting fixtures, artwork, throw pillows, and furniture legs are bound to look flawless.

In such eclectic setups, you can definitely consider a tinge of gold – wherever and however!


Especially for Eclectic, Bohemian, and Hollywood Glam interior design styles

The teal color can truly play a number one choice. Whether it’s inclined towards the blue or green undertones, it will undeniably make a rich and elegant statement with your gold accents.

Cherry Red

Hence, for a warmer color palette, you can consider infusing tones of red, burnt umber, or burgundy to create an absolute luxe and lavish backdrop.

If you’re in love with the feel of Christmas and the holidays, a combination of cherry red, gold, and white will take you a long way.

Emerald Green

A duo of emerald green and gold is the ultimate symbol of magnificence and opulence.

Not an old-school, boring, and monotonous green but the absolute legend – emerald green has the potential to do wonders! This stark tone of green can beautifully merge with the metallic tint to achieve an utmost glam look.

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