Ways to Make Your Tiny Backyard Super Awesome for Summer

Create Separate Spaces

By creating separate areas for different activities, you can give the impression of a larger space.

Photo: Lane Ditto Design by Mindy Gayer

When dealing with a smaller backyard space, it can be easy for things to feel cramped and chaotic.

This backyard has a clear divide for dining, the firepit, and lounge chairs facing towards the sun.

The borders are small, but the distinct places are apparent rather than blending into each other.

Create DIY Furniture

Constructing your own out of wood palettes can be a unique solution.

Trying to find furniture that fits your preferences and space for your backyard can have its challenges.

Choose the dimensions based on your available area and build benches out of the palettes, then add pillows and cushions on top to create a seating area.

Large Outdoor Umbrella

Stylish as it is functional

Photo: @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

Rather than the umbrella being mounted into the table, this free-standing option can allow the umbrella to be moved into different spots depending on where the sun's rays are beaming down.

Create a Corner

It's surprising what you can do with unused space.

Photo: @homebypolly / Instagram

Creating a specific corner dedicated to a particular concept—sitting with guests, reading and relaxing alone, etc.—can help give a lift to your standard backyard.

Outdoor Rug

Sometimes the smallest changes can really transform a space.

Photo: @modernhousevibes / Instagram

Adding a durable yet stylish outdoor rug in your space can help create a cohesive theme if you have a specific preference for your patio furniture and color scheme.

Opt for a Hammock

Trying to relax in your backyard with limited space can feel like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

Photo: The Home Consultant

A hammock is a classic addition to any outdoor space—all that is required is two posts, trees, or even walls to hang the hammock from.

Opt for Easily Moveable Seating

A small backyard requires some flexibility in making things work.

Photo: @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

Choosing seating options that can be easily moved and rearranged in different positions can help create more space when you need it.

DIY Hot Tub

Add some decadent string lights and decor, and this corner is the perfect space to relax and unwind—without taking up your whole yard.

Photo: @herzenstimme / Instagram

This gorgeous DIY spa corner from @herzenstimme looks like an absolute dream.

They constructed the surrounding deck and then lowered an inflatable whirlpool hot tub into the structure.

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