Trendy Short Haircuts for Women

to Try in 2022

Tight Crop

So natural textures and a cropped hair length are just worth giving a chance on!

Embrace those textures with a cropped tight bob, not only that it looks smart and versatile, but it’s something women are opting for more.


Dual tones are quite a thing, makeup trends or hair trends, two-tone can look really fun.

While this one is a basic black with blonde, it’s totally on you to choose your hues that start with a darker tone at roots and are followed by a color block!


Shaggy haircuts were really trending before and ....

Shaggy haircuts were really trending in 2021 and you’ll see the braided version of it going viral all over the media in 2022.

Shaggy Bob

Depending of the texture of your hair,...

...a shaggy bob is a balanced short haircut that can look good on everybody as it frames your face the best.

Cheekbone Bob

Watch out Rihanna acing the Cheekbone Bob look,...

... a single color texture looks classy and can bring out the bossed-up version of you.

Polished Bob

Clean and classic giving you an extra edge

Clean and classic polished bob gives you an extra edge that can help you pull off any look. Starting out a job and want to be taken seriously? Well, there’s nothing better than this to try!

Full Curls

Full voluminous curls look attractive and authentic.

Try out dark shades to create a monotony if you’re looking for a subtle shorter haircut option

Pink Tips

Very much like ombre, you can go pink on the tips of your hair

Very much like ombre, you can go pink on the tips of your hair, a bright and bold statement-making piece that one must try if you’re in this industry.

Classic Pixie

Pixies are fun and cute, the best of it is that it suits all ages

All colors making it an ideal but bold choice to make a statement. Zoë Kravitz’s cropped pixie looks classic and cool with mini bangs.

Classic Lob

Just an everyday look

Just an everyday look, collarbone-length lob, like this is beachy one on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is one of the best short haircuts that tops the chart.

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