Trendy Boho Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2022

1. Wrangle a Rustic Vibe with a Drum Light

For rustic boho kitchen lighting, we enjoy the look of a semi-flush caged drum light fixture or two placed over the island or dining table.

Pick Plush Pattern Print Chairs

Increase the eclectic refinement of your boho kitchen design by pairing the modern classiness of lots of white cabinets and counters with open shelving uppers in a dark brown for contrast.

Make a Mosaic with Hexagon Flower Tile

Flowers are a popular Boho theme, and there’s plenty of ways you can incorporate them into your kitchen decor. Check out how stylish your kitchen can look using a flower pattern mosaic print in a classic black and white pattern.

Buy Some Backless Bar Stools

For boho-chic kitchen seating around an island, bar, or peninsula, you can get an awesome aesthetic with a backless saddle seat barstool.

Get Wicked Lighting with a Wicker Pendant

Traditional meets eclectic when choosing a pendant light in an understated bell shape and a natural brown wicker finish.

Do a Distressed Mixed Material Dining Table

Mixed colors and recycled materials like reclaimed wood are popular compounds in a successful Boho design. This rustic table features everything from a weathered brown wood finish to scores and gouges for an authentic vintage feel.

Buy a Beige Oriental in a Running Rug

Oriental rugs are loved for their classic design and style, with bold patterns in multiple colors. And runners are a favorite choice for kitchen area rugs because the long length and narrow width are great for placement in tight spaces like between an island and the cabinets.

Implement an Island with Incredible Storage

Placing an island central to your kitchen increases the amount of surface space where you can work and can often add additional seating, like this overhanging honed white Volakas marble slab with gray veining.

Go with Glossy Multicolored Backsplash

To stick with the popular Boho trend of bright colors and eclectic designs, we fell head over heels for a backsplash in multiple shades of blue with a gorgeous glossy finish.

Add an Arched Pantry for Additional Storage

If you have a spacious kitchen but limited storage, you may be in the unique position to require a stand-alone storage cabinet.

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