Train your dog to walk on leash in 7 steps

Wondering how to train your dog to walk on leash?

Why train your dog to walk on leash?

Protection and obedience

Your dog must know how to walk on leash. This training can help avoid several dangerous situations for both you and your pup

How to train your dog to walk on leash

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What you need?

The primary component is patience.

Training your dog to walk on leash will take a bit of time, lots of patience and a ton of treats. So be ready with that treat pouch before you even think of starting the training process.

1. Teach a marker

Cicker or verbal command

Be ready to reward your dog with enticing treats.

2. Get your dog used to the gear

Harness or collar and leash.

Allow your dog to get comfortable with the walking gear before you proceed.

3. Train to pay attention

This ensures that the dog will be distraction free

Put on the leash and harness/collar on your dog and wait patiently for your dog to look at you. When your dog looks at you, reward the behavior and encourage your dog. Continue with the verbal command "look at me"

4. Back up

First step in training

Take a few steps backwards holding the leash of your dog. When your dog follows you, mark the behavior and reinforce it with a treat and praise.

5. Practice COME

Excellent way to avoid future problems like forging ahead or pulling.

This command will not only help with the leash training process, it will also aid in training your dog for other commands.

6. Practice leash training in the backyard

First practice the command in the backyard

Walk a few steps ahead, stop. Walk a few steps back, stop. Every time you notice that your dog’s attention is completely focused on you, he is following your footsteps and not bolting ahead, mark the behavior and reward.

7. Gradually increase the distance

It is time to take your dog out on the road

For the first few weeks, take your dog out and walk with him for very short distances like one or two houses. As and when your dog's confidence increases, cover longer distances.

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