Train your dog to speak on command

Train your dog to speak on command has various benefits. besides being an entertaining trick it can also save lives in dangerous situations by letting the intruders know the house is not empty.

Why teach this commmand?

This command can come in handy during dangerous situation

In dangerous situations like when an intruder is trying to enter your home, training your dog to speak on command can keep the intruders from entering when they realize the house is inhabited by a dog.


Teaching your dog a new command is always fun

Training is a fun time for both the dog and the guardian. Training strengthens the relationship between you and your pup. It also establishes better trust.

Start the training

Only a few things are needed to train your dog.

Train your dog when you are free and not in a hurry. Ensure that your pup is not distracted by keeping his attention on you before you start the training.

Train your dog to be quiet

Before you train your dog to speak, you must train your dog to be quiet.

Click on the above link to read the web story about how to train your dog to be quiet. Once your dog knows the QUIET command, you can start to train your pup to speak on command.

Get good treats

You will need enticing treats before you start to train your dog to speak

Get good quality treats, the kind that your dog absolutely loves and won't be able to resist.

Create the situation

Create a situation where your dog would bark.

You can ask someone to ring the doorbell. If you have a vocal dog, it will be easy. if your dog is the quiet type like mine, you will have to get him excited so he barks. I would wave a treat or toy in front of my boy till he gets excited and barks.

Mark the action

The moment your dog barks, say SPEAK

The moment your dog barks, say SPEAK and offer a reward. If you are doing clicker training, click the moment the dog barks. The purpose here is to indicate that this is the desired behavior.

Stop by using the QUIET command

When your dog starts to bark, use the QUIET command.

This is a good time to practice the QUIET command. If your dog is having trouble with the QUIET command, go back, retrain your dog for the QUIET command and then train your dog to speak.


Remember to use good quality treats.

You should practice at random times of the day so that the command gets cemented in the dog's brain.

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