Train your dog to come when called

Recall command acts as the centerpiece of all other essential commands.

What is reliable recall?

Reliable recall means that your dog will come when called everytime.

Reliable recall means that your dog will come to you when you call him. This means that your dog will have to drop everything he is engaging in and come to you.

How to train a reliable recall?

It will take time but with patience, it is possible.

Training your dog a reliable recall takes time and a ton of patience. You will have to practice for months for your dog to be well versed with reliable recall.

The recall command


Most often COME is used as the reliable recall command.

Recall games

There are games you can use to easily teach a reliable recall command.

The best way to teach your dog a reliable recall is to play interesting games so that the training process does not seem to be a burden.

Game 1: CATCH ME

Play a game of catch me with your dog. Use the command come to invite your dog to catch you

Use COME as a cue to start the game. When your dog reaches you, award the behavior every time.


Once your pup has started to respond to COME, play FIND ME.

Play hide-n-seek with your dog. Use the reliable recall command to direct your dog.


Helps to reinforce the command

Ask your family members to pick some high-value treats. They should stand apart and call the dog to come to them. When the dog responds, reward the behavior with treats.

Don't make the cue negative

The reliable recall command should never be associated with negative experiences.

Don't use the recall command for experiences that may be negative for your dog. Example: you say COME. Your dog comes to you. You give your dog a bath. This is a negative experience.

Don't poison the command

come! come! come! come!

If you tend to repeat the command multiple times, you have poisoned the cue.


Practice regularly

Practice regularly and at random times of the day to get your dog used to the command.

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