Train your dog to be quiet in 5 steps

Train your dog to be quiet is a crucial command and can come in handy in difficult situations.

Items needed

Delicious dog treats

Remember to get your dog's favorite treats before you start to train your dog to be quiet. Reward your dog immediately so that a positive connection can be established

The quiet command

Helps reduce excessive barking in dogs

When you teach your dog to be quiet, it helps prevent excess barking behavior. It will also help control your dog when you train your dog to speak.

1. Create the situation

Create a situation where your dog would normally bark

The best method to initiate barking is to have someone either knock on the door or ring the doorbell

2. Indulge the behavior

Acknowledge the behavior of your dog

When your dog barks, check the source. Then, get back to the dog and show a treat or toy to get the focus back on you

3. Reward

Reward the behavior when barking stops

When your dog stops barking, immediately reward the behavior by offering a toy or a treat. This will help establish positive association.

4. Repeat

Repeat the steps a few times

Repeat the steps with either a command like STOP or QUIET. You also have the option of introducing the command later.

5. Increase wait time

Increase the waiting time between following the command and offering the treat

If it seems that your dog is unfocussed, focus him or her first on you by offering a treat. However, when your dog starts to automatically respond to the command, increase the duration between following the command offering the treat.

Work on command delivery

Ensure that the command is audible and clear

Your dog must clearly hear the command every time. You must make sure that use a firm, upbeat and audible voice when you say the command.


Start once the dog has got the hang of the command

Once your dog has started to respond to the command, start to use the command at random times of the day. Offer the treat sometimes and do not offer the treat during other times.

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