Top Hawaii Snorkeling Spots

The most popular activity to do in Hawaii is snorkeling!

Molokini Crater

An incredible and rare underwater volcano islet.

Listed as a Marine Life Conservation District Seabird Sanctuary, this partially submerged crescent-shaped volcanic crater is like no other snorkeling location in the world.

Turtle Town

The best place to go snorkeling on Maui if your goal is to see the Hawaiian green sea turtles in action!

hanks to current government protection and the Endangered Species Act (ESA), this stretch is home to a particularly dense population of the Hawaiian green sea turtle.

Kumimi Beach aka Murphy’s Beach

One of the best places to snorkel on the island of Molokai.

Unlike most Hawaii snorkel spots, Murphy’s is best visited at the mid-high tide, because the water is super shallow at this location. But, no matter when you visit this beach, you will be stoked!

Sharks Cove

One of the most popular snorkeling beaches on the island.

Due to the fact that it’s a series of tide pools, it’s most commonly frequented by beginner snorkelers that want to feel the safety of not being in the open ocean (or those that are snorkeling with small children).

Turtle Canyons

The location is only reached by boat

Located south off of Waikiki Beach, Turtle Canyons is one of the top places to scuba and snorkel in Oahu.

The location is only reached by boat, so be sure to book an Oahu snorkel cruise to this location ahead of time. All snorkel tours to Turtle Canyons embark from Waikiki Beach.

Honaunau Bay

The location is absolutely gorgeous, and the ocean is full of marine life and the great vitality of the Pacific Ocean.

Located South of Captain Cook on the Kona side of the Big Island, everyone will be in total bliss when they find Honaunau Bay!

Na Pali Coast

Here is where you’ll find an underwater rainforest of Hawaii marine life.

Last, but not least, all who love to snorkel in Hawaii should make sure to book a Na Pali Coast snorkel tour in Kauai.

The Na Pali Coast is located on the most northern point of Kauai’s North Shore, and Kauai is the top of the Hawaiian Islands chain.

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