Top Flip-up/Modular Motorcycle Helmets For 2022!

LS2 Valiant Modular Helmet

With this modular motorcycle helmet, you also get a full-coverage sun visor with gear actuation.

The helmet’s chin bar features metallic clasps, a welcome change from cheap plastic chin bar designs. Also, the helmet has cutaways, even around the temples, which makes it the best modular motorcycle helmet for glasses.

The neck roll mechanism is a bit dated and complicated to take off. You need to play around with pins to attach and detach the helmet from your head.

When it comes to comfort, the comfort liner is made of microfiber and features cutaways for Bluetooth speakers. Also, there is quite a bit of ventilation on the comfort liner.

Ventilation is all-round very nice, keeping you cooled off during hot days, and removing moisture during wet days. This is all thanks to the toggleable vent on the top of the helmet, and two passive, rear vents. There is also a chin vent to keep the airflow going.

Bell Broozer Modular Helmet

All in all, the versatility the Bell Broozer offers is next to none when it comes to modular motorcycle helmets.

This helmet is a street biker’s dream, but it offers so much more than just good looks even today in 2022.

It weighs 1,350 grams, which is awesome for a modular helmet. The helmet is dual homologated and will keep you quite safe on the road. This is definitely the best modular motorcycle helmet for adventure bikers.
The chin bar features a bit of innovation when it comes to the design of the toggle. Two hooks toggle the open-face and full-face configurations, which makes for a lightning-fast switch!

The face shield is built in the helmet itself, which is a great design choice. It’s also sealed to prevent air and water droplets from coming inside. You can also easily wear glasses under the face shield if you wish so.

The comfort liner features nice padding, and there are even padded ear pads inside. Sadly, no recesses for Bluetooth speakers.

Shark Evo-One 2 Modular Helmet

It is one of the best rated modular motorcycle helmets for durability, as the helmet shell is made of thermoplastic resin. The helmet weighs 1,7 kg.

While a bit more expensive, Shark Evo-One 2 is a premium helmet from a renowned French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, Shark.

When it comes to inner comfort liner and cheek pads, the downsides come into play. The cheek pads are quite tight and won’t fit everyone, which is a bummer. Also, the recesses for comm devices in the comfort liner won’t fit larger Bluetooth speakers.

NEXX X.Vilitur Modular Helmet

Right from the get-go, you can notice the incredible aesthetics and build quality. There are two dual homologated variants of this helmet.

Right from the get-go, you can notice the incredible aesthetics and build quality. There are two dual homologated variants of this helmet. One is made from carbon fiber, while the other is made out of an alloy that combines fiberglass, aramid fibers, carbon material, and kevlar. The chin bar is fairly easy to operate with a single button to change between configurations.

Sadly, the X.Vilitur doesn’t come with a Pinlock face shield, which means that the one included will fog up regularly. When it isn’t foggy, the clear face shield provides excellent all-around vision. Of course, the internal sun visor is integrated, covering about 85% of the face shield view.

1storm HB89 Modular Helmet

Certainly the best modular motorcycle helmet under $200! This impressive helmet amazes with its quality features for such a low price.

First of all, the thermoplastic alloy shell ensures that it has dual homologation. The helmet only weighs 1,8 kg! It is very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. If you want to put your favorite Bluetooth speakers inside the helmet, there are recesses that enable that.

We found one gripe with the chin bar toggle button. While the chin bar is great when it comes to its functions, the button is placed so that you can accidentally slide push it with your chin.

HJC i90 Aventa

Comes equipped with an anti-bacterial liner, quick-release shield, and an integrated sun visor, among other things.

A world-known HJC brand has a reputation for producing high-quality helmets with all the features you could want.

We noticed a new RapidFire quick-change system, that only takes a few seconds to swap your visor which adds great benefit when you’re in a rush, and all other benefits you get with a modern helmet. But, what users particularly love about HJC i90 is that you can easily integrate it with Sena comms inside the helmet itself, Having a dual homologation you can use the helmet as an open face or full-face helmet.

Closing Words

The Future Of Riding Safety

Modular motorcycle helmets are the most popular type of helmet on the market right now and they offer unprecedented flexibility when it comes to riding comfort and these picks will be guaranteed to be among the best-rated modular motorcycle helmets in today’s marketplace!

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