Top five hidden gem charter locations for 2022

Looking for a hidden gem this year? SYT picks the top five locations to charter this year to explore destinations few people have gone before.

Croatia & Montenegro

Although this is a sought-after location for cruising, there still remain some secret spots and exceptionally beautiful islands with beaches that are only accessible by boat.

The islands and coastlines of Croatia and Montenegro are able to provide a unique experience with historic towns, sandy beaches, stunning scenery and buzzing nightlife.

A perfect starting point for Croatia is the mountainous Bay of Kotor, where you can sample fresh lobster on a terrace whilst taking in the views. If you are feeling adventurous, you can climb the trail that weaves up the hill to the imposing St John's Fortress for a spectacular view.


Asia still has a large number of locations that are yet to be infiltrated by mass tourism.

For an extremely unique experience, the Penghu islands offers white sandy beaches, coral reefs galore as well as ancient Japanese architecture, nature reserves and picturesque fishing villages. The archipelago of 90 islands is located in the Taiwan strait and is a perfect hidden gem.

French Polynesia

Hidden in the waters of Oceania, where secluded islands are plentiful and the sailing conditions are amongst the best in the world.

The small islands of French Polynesia make for an exciting charter, surrounded by protected anchorages, warm clear waters and beautiful scenery that remains unmatched.

For those looking for something a little more off the beaten path, French Polynesia allows you to explore the contrast from deep blue sea to the lush green tropical rainforest and virgin mountain peaks.

It is a tropical island, full of unspoiled beauty, where palm trees outnumber people with French cuisine to die for.


Central and North America is home to the Caribbean islands and there still remain parts that remain hidden gems

Mexico is a country of endless contrasts, steeped in history and natural beauty, providing a land and seascape of incredible beauty.

A country with so much variety, from sun to sea, to mountains and the jungle, the possibilities are endless.


This charter will make you feel like you have fallen into the pages of National Geographic as you cruise through mysterious glacier bays surrounded by whales and seals.

This charter is definitely a hidden gem as Antarctica is only accessible on board a yacht.

A definite must on this adventure is Deception Island, which sits above an active volcano.

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