Tips to calm yourself down

Stress and worry are part of our lives but they should not take over our lives.

Life is stressful

This is the one line meaning of life

Yes, life is stressful. You cannot go through life without stress, Anger and sadness. However, you cannot let anger rule you.

Take actionable steps

There is a way to get control over your anger

Anger is an emotion that can be brought into control, even though you may feel helpless when you are angry. In this story, I will be discussing a few tips which will help you get your anger under control.

Tips to calm your mind

When in anger, the solution must be quick and efficient

Normally it will take some time to get your anger under control. What if, there was a way in which you could get your anger under control within seconds? Sounds impossible. Right? Swipe to find out how the steps work and how you can benefit from them.

1. Breathe

The most efficient technique to get a hold on the beast called anger

Take deep long breaths. Focus all your attention on your breathing and not on anything else. When you are angry, the breaths become shallow and signals your brain to reinforce the fight or flight response. The long calming breaths break this cycle.

2. Admit the response

It is okay to accept that you are feeling anger or anxiousness

The first part of dealing with the problem is accepting that you have a problem in the first place. When you accept and label your feelings, anger and anxiousness reduce by a degree.

3. Channel your thoughts

Irrational thoughts need to be controlled

Irrational thoughts need to be controlled
When in a state of anger, anxiousness, the thought processes do not make sense. Most often we think of worst cases scenarios. To break this what is cycle, ask yourself the following questions

  • Is this rational?
  • Is this likely to occur
Find logical answers to these questions and your anxiousness will automatically reduce.

4. Find a release

Emotional energy can be released via exercise

When you exercise, your body produces serotonin. Serotonin has an important role to play in calming down the human mind.

5. Visualize

Picture yourself calm in your mind

This may need practice. In your mind, think that you are at peace, relaxed and picture yourself calm, cool, collected and engaging in something that you like to do. Once the mental picture is clear, recreate that picture in your real life scenario.

6. Think it through

Thinking logically helps especially when you are angry

Anger and anxiousness tend to overcome logical thoughts. Thus, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this really matter
  • Can this person steal my place?
  • With this matter a week from now?

7. Switch your focus

Walk out of the room, go outside, change direction

When we are angry, there is a high chance that we may say things we will regret later. Therefore, to avoid such situations, just leave the scenario and head anywhere else. Once you start walking away from the problem, your mind will start to cool down and logical thinking will prevail.

8. Listen to music

It does not have to be beta, theta or delta waves

When you feel that anxiousness creeping in, put on your headphones and start listening to your favorite music. Music has a very calming effect on both mind, body and soul.

9. Focus on relaxation

There are many relaxation techniques you can try.

Anxiousness or anger attacks the muscles of the shoulder, these become very tight and tense. Practice muscle relaxation techniques to calm your mind down and center yourself.

10. Write down

Pick a piece of paper and start writing

If you’re worried about saying something, write it down. You do not have to worry about sentence formation, punctuation or the ton. Just get it out and onto a paper. Once you’re feeling better, you can look back and reflect if your anger was justified.

11. Go for a walk

Walk helps to clear the mind

A change of scenery, a breath of fresh air can be a big help in reducing anger. You do not have to go for a mile long hike. Just a walk around your block can help you calm down and think more logically.

12. Fuel your body

Hydration is necessary, no matter the circumstances

If you are not properly hydrated or if your body is craving food, none of the above mentioned techniques will help. Have a small snack, even if you do not want to eat.

13. Have a centering item

It can be a locket, a polished stone, anything.

When you start to feel anxious, focus all your energy on that stone or locket. Tell yourself that you are going to become calm now and gently rub the stone or locket between your fingers

Hope this helps

Try this out next time you feel angry or anxious.

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