🚀 These 10 brands SHATTERED startup norms

and you won't believe how they did it!

Airbnb: Believe in the bizarre!

From renting air mattresses in a San Francisco apartment, Airbnb redefined global travel. Who said strangers wouldn't stay in strangers' homes?

Dyson: "1000+ prototypes later,...

Dyson reimagined the vacuum. 'Instant success' is overrated, persistent innovation isn't! 💡 #KeepTrying

Spanx founder Sara Blakely cut the feet off her pantyhose,

creating a billion-dollar idea! Sometimes, thinking 'inside the box' (or pantyhose) is revolutionary! 🎀 #DisruptTheNorm"

Rovio (Angry Birds): 50 games & nearly going bankrupt

Rovio's 51st attempt was Angry Birds. Over 4 billion downloads later, success isn't always at first launch! 🐦 #PatiencePays"

Warby Parker: Who said eyewear couldn't be sold online?

WarbyParker sent frames to try at home, disrupting the industry. Break the norm! 👓 #EyesOnSuccess

Mailchimp: Not every startup needs VC backing!

Mailchimp bootstrapped its way to being a leading email marketing tool. Self-reliance can be a strength. ✉️ #BootstrapToBillions"

Slack: From a failed gaming startup to a leading communication platform

It's okay to pivot if you find a more valuable product amidst the 'failure'. 💬 #PivotPower"

Patagonia's 'Don't Buy This Jacket' campaign redefined marketing.

Promoting sustainability over sales, they showed purpose can drive profit. 🌍 #PurposeDrivenSuccess"

GoPro: A camera strapped to a wrist using rubber bands!

That's how GoPro started. Think your idea is too simple? Think again! 📷 #SimpleGenius"

Skepticism met Dropbox's idea of cloud storage

Now, with millions using it daily, remember: It's okay if not everyone 'gets' your idea initially. ☁️ #AheadOfTheCurve"

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