Bold Stripes

We all know that nautical stripes are one of spring’s print trends but their bolder cousin is also making waves!

Thick stripes can easily create the basis for a unique outfit.

Stripes also happen to take color really well.

A neutral black and white looks just as good as a mix of louder hues such as a green and candy pink, for instance.

Groovy Swirls

Abstract patterns are youthful and full of energy, making it the most optimal print trends to incorporate into your looks to start spring on a high note.

Since this is such an impactful print, you can balance out the look by pairing it with a solid that coordinates back to the pattern.

To further delve into that nostalgic feeling, feel free to mix in other Y2K pieces such as platforms or combat boots.


This funky pattern seriously entered the scene with guns blazing as it is now featured on everything from clothing to accessories to home decor.

The popularity of checkerboard only seems to be growing with every passing day so better to get ahead and invest in a trendy piece now before it is too late! An entire black and white checkerboard dress will truly make a statement.

If you want a toned down alternative, opt for checkered accessories.


Channel your inner child with this next print trend.

Novelty patterns continue to be a big push for spring and summer.

Particularly citrus fruits, cartoon flowers, and mushroom themed patterns seem to be some of the more trendy variations out there.

I have been consistently wearing a sweater with embroidered icons of strawberries and cherries.


Botanical patterns just scream springtime and they are getting a bit of an upgrade for 2022.

Just like other trends, floral print trends seem to be leaning into a more energetic and expressive aesthetic.

This year’s trending florals range from tropical exotics to digital blooms to feminine roses.

Do not be afraid to go after a wide range of floral patterns within the upcoming weeks.

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