The Sauciest Jeans Come From This Ukrainian Designer

Masha Popova does more than butterfly tops.

Last summer, Dua Lipa posed on a balcony wearing the Gen-Z top

Photo: Masha Popova

The look was created by Masha Popova

a graduate of Central Saint Martins

Along with Lipa,

Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid have also worn Popova’s designs.

The piece that Lipa wore was actually from Popova’s graduate collection.

This playfulness is evident in Popova’s high-octane, early aughts’ designs.

Popova is inspired by her upbringing in Ukraine

Popova’s newest fall 2022 collection boasts more miniskirts

and draped denim tops, and develops her knack for embroidery.

The ethos of her design...

Integrating her highly technical background from into her ebullient, noughties-soaked creations


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