The Most-Read Robb Report Stories of 2021

Here, the articles our readers devoured this year.

10. Inside Country Star George Strait’s $7.5 Million Texas Mansion


Country crooner George Strait may have sung about all his exes living in Texas, but he can now also claim that some of those exes are homes.

Most beloved among them is his newly listed San Antonio mansion, for which he and his wife, Norma, commissioned one of the Southwest’s most artistic architects to build.

The 7,925-square-foot house sits on a hilltop surrounded by 12 very private acres and is priced at $7.5 million.

9. One of the Last Gilded Age Mansions in NYC Lists for $52 Million

Photo: Brown Harris Stevens

History buffs, rejoice—you can now own a sought-after piece of New York’s architectural canon.

Originally constructed in 1901, a Gilded Age mansion—one of the few that remains, as many were demolished by the 1920s—has just listed for $52 million on the Upper East Side.

The 15,000-square-foot home is located on Fifth Avenue, directly across from Central Park and the Met.

8. Meet the 443-Foot ‘Sunrise,’ the World’s Largest Open Sport

Photo: Roberto Curto Design

Designing a 443-foot day boat sounds like an exercise in madness, or perhaps futility, if the designer ever hopes to find a buyer.

But Italian designer Roberto Curto is used to breaking through established norms, even if what lies on the other side is more fantasy than working vessel.

The Genoa studio’s newest project, Sunrise, might seem like one of those impossible dreams, if it didn’t look so damned beautiful.

7. This ‘Lady Bug’ Bugatti Divo’s Epic Paint Job Took Two Years to Finish

Photo: Ted7/Bugatti

Ettore Bugatti once said: “If it is comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.”

One hypercar collector has taken that notion quite literally and pushed the French marque’s customization expertise to the nth degree to create a Divo like no other.

The distinctive four-wheeler, which was christened Lady Bug, has a truly singular livery that takes cues from its creepy-crawly namesake.

6. This 82-Foot Amphibious Catamaran Crawls Onto the Shore Like a Crab

Photo: Lazzarini Design Studio

Why anchor your superyacht off that sugar-white St. Tropez beach, or Icelandic ice floe, when you could crawl right up on to it?

That’s the thinking behind a bonkers new amphibious catamaran concept called Pagurus—Latin for crab—from the designers at Italian studio Lazzarini.

5. This New Air Bike Can Fly at 250 MPH Over Buildings and Mountains

Photo: Jetpack Aviation

Flying cars and flying people with jet packs are on the way, so why not flying motorcycles?

Jetpack Aviation, which already makes vertical people propellers, just announced a successful test flight of its jet-driven flying motorcycle prototype.

The projected performance is Easy Rider-worthy bad-ass, and best of all, the California company plans to produce two consumer versions for everyday users.

4. Tom Brady Trades His New Wajer 55S Cruiser for a 77-Foot Flagship

Photo: Wajer Yachts

There’s an affliction in boating called 2foot-itis, where a boater constantly yearns after a boat that is two feet longer than the current one.

Tom Brady, being the American sports hero and heart-throb that he is, has a more extreme case—22foot-itis.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said on a livestream webinar that he is trading his Wajer 55S to the much larger 77, which, the Dutch builder announced in April, would be its new flagship.

The trade was made public, appropriately, during the NFL Draft announcements and after only five months of owning the first boat.

3. Nile Niami Is Set to Put His Mansion on the Market for $340 Million

After more than eight years in planning and construction, the Los Angeles area’s most colossal home is finally ready for its official public debut.

Famously known only as “The One,” the mini shopping mall-sized estate straddles one of the highest promontories in Bel Air, spanning about 100,000 square feet of total living space.

By comparison, the White House weighs in at just under 55,000 square feet; the 115-room Hearst Castle makes do with a modest 68,500.

2. Inside Steven Seagal’s $3.4 Million Bulletproof Mansion in Arizona

Photo: Engel & Völkers

Maybe playing a role in all those action flicks allows reality to blend with fiction just a smidge.

When Patriot actor Steven Seagal built his custom home in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2001, he didn’t just make the 12-acre property secure behind a gate: He added bulletproof glass, and lots of it.

Nearly every room in the house has a glass wall or skylights, all impenetrable.

The place is now up for sale, listed for $3.395 million.

1. Justin Bieber Gets a Custom Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired by the 103EX Con

Photo: Jesse Dacri/West Coast Customs/Facebook

What The Bieb wants, The Bieb gets. Three years ago, Justin Bieber texted the founder and CEO of West Coast Customs, Ryan Friedlinghaus, a video of a futuristic Rolls-Royce prototype and asked him if they could acquire said car.

It wasn’t for sale, but the shop offered to build something like it instead.

Now, the Canadian singer-songwriter has finally taken delivery of the one-off—and it looks like he’s downright elated with the shop’s work.

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