The Iris Apfel x H&M Collection is About to Drop

See what we'll be shopping on April 14.


Iris Apfel x H&M

This maillot is dripping with iconic style. Of course, there's the chic nods to Apfel's 100th birthday and her signature round specs, but the tank silhouette of this swimsuit makes it a true classic.

Jacquard Coat

Iris Apfel x H&M

Outerwear is your opportunity to make a daring first impression. No one knows that quite as well as Apfel (and nothing will achieve the aim like this green-and-purple coat).


Iris Apfel x H&M

As a woman known for her jewelry—the clunkier and clankier, the better—Apfel's H&M range doesn't disappoint.

Of all the cheeky pieces, these polka-dotted peas-in-a-pod might be our favorite.


Iris Apfel x H&M

Vibrant colors are part-and-parcel of the collection. If loud prints aren't your thing, plan on filling your cart with bold silhouettes in rainbow hues.


Iris Apfel x H&M

Whimsical and fanciful but with a strong shape that’s impossible to miss, the cropped organza toppers included might as well be a symbolic representation of the style icon herself.


Iris Apfel x H&M

There are many prints to love in the collection, and don't overlook the footwear.

Brocade, square-toed slippers with jeweled animal embellishments like these beetles are the sort of thing that will predictably be blowing up your feed.


Iris Apfel x H&M

Apfel style fans know a cuff (or four) is a style signature of hers.

Get in on the wrist action with an abstract version that mixes bright colors side by side.


Iris Apfel x H&M

Even the more subdued pieces in the collection aren't too timid.

Sharp crease-front brocade trousers are imagined in canary yellow (and show off the “100” logo motif upon closer examination).

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