The different hound dogs

Here, I will discuss the classification of the hound dog breeds.

The hound dog breeds classification

Know the 10 common dogs that fall under hound dogs

Hound dogs are extremely hardworking and loyal. These dogs helped chase down the prey for their human companions.

10 Common hound dog breeds

know the different hound dogs

As per the AKC or American Kennel Club, there are around 32 hound dog breeds. While you may already be aware of some of these breeds, others may come as a surprise to you.

1. Red bone coonhound

This dog breed has been named after its nemesis the raccoon.

The Red bone coonhound is very easy to identify since it has a very recognizable coat color (a deep rust red-brown color). This is why they are referred to as the red bone coonhound.

2. Treeing Walker coonhound

Easily recognizable due to the tricolored pattern on their coat.

Extremely fast runners. They are specifically adept at chasing raccoons up the trees. They have ears that are floppy and come down to their muzzles. The ears are slightly rounded towards the bottom edges.

3. Bluetick coonhound

The bluetick coonhound loves to hunt

They also have incredibly long legs because of which they can run very fast. If you do not provide such dogs with the right kind of exercise and attention, you will have aggressive issues on your hands.

4. Black and tan coonhounds.

largest of the coonhound dog breeds.

These dogs show an extremely strong prey drive. If you do not provide these dogs a proper level of exercise and training, you may turn into a human kite on walks if your dog spots a squirrel.

5. Bloodhound

Incredibly powerful sense of smell.

They can easily track anyone and anything across pretty long distances. Their long ears easily brush the ground and allow the creation of a scent funnel.

6. Beagle

They are short, stout and amazingly energetic.

The beagle’s bay is very easy to hear. This helps the guardian track down the dog quickly. Beagles most often love to chase and track down their prey.

7. English foxhounds

Slender and long legs with ears that are more proportional.

They were bred for the purpose of running and covering large distances very quickly. These dogs are very sturdy. Therefore, you must always be careful when taking them out for walks. You do not want to become a human kite.

8. Harrier

They were the most favorable companion during medieval times.

The final size of the Harrier falls between the English foxhound and the Beagle. Therefore, with Harrier, you have a medium-sized dog. You can easily spot a Harrier in a bush because of their disproportionately long tails.

9. Otterhound

Originally bred to hunt otters.

The shaggy coat of the Otterhound provides them with an extremely memorable look. The shaggy coat has one other role. It is responsible for protecting the hound against the water force and provides padding for protection from the cold.

10. Greyhounds

When people think of a dog running, they think of the greyhound

Greyhounds are impossibly sleek with a top speed of around 45 mph. The Greyhound is a dog that can easily maintain the pace of a deer. Their high speeds allow them to catch speeding preys like deers.

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