The Best Shorts on Amazon Will Keep You Comfortable All Summ

The Wanderer Modern Short

Need the ultimate travel short? Look for something made of already-crinkled seersucker, like this one by AG.

Linen Moore Shorts

Speaking of lightweight, linen is the best fabric to wear in the heat. And few do it more elegantly than Billy Reid.

Benson Short

Lightweight shorts with a drawstring are just what you need to hop from the bar to the beach come summer.

9" Inch Stretch Breaker Shorts

Salmon-colored shorts from Vineyard Vines: the authentic prepster summer uniform.

Stretch Waistband Shorts

It takes a brave man to wear white pants in general, let alone white shorts. But live without fear, because the color has a knack for elevating a fit.

Slim-Fit 7" Inseam Chino Shorts

A pair of chino shorts is always a solid choice.

But one with comfort stretch and flattering flat-front cut, like this option from Goodthreads, is even better.

Classic-Fit Perfect Short

Dockerss' trousers are dependable and durable. Dads love them, too. And its shorts fit the same bill.

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