The Best Hair Trends That Are Going To Be Huge in 2022


a striking haircut choice that creates an edgy and fun look with its chunky textured layers.

It has become so popular this year thanks to social media.

It’s a little bit compelling haircut when it comes to styling but you can blow-dry the bangs and wet the layers down to achieve a clean look.


A relative of face-framing highlights but instead of chunky streaks

Money piece highlights hair color has a lighter and smoother transition.

If you’re willing to change your hair color slightly, money pieces are what you’re looking for. It gives you a whole freshest look in front of your hair.

However, you can still keep your natural color.


It’s a color that is between silver and blonde, so the maintenance is a bit demanding.

Photo: @avreyovard / pinterest

Thus, using a purple shampoo and a mask is a necessity in order not to fade the silvery blonde color out.

Whether its maintenance is tough or not, the silvery blonde is a stunning hair color that can go any season!


It’s the perfect hair change without going extreme styles.

Photo: @anaangelicagt

If you have naturally dark brown hair and add some glow to your appearance, the toffee balayage is what you’re looking for!

Even you can just warm the front strands up to achieve a toffee look.


This brown shade is cooler than the milk chocolate brown hair color which has a golden tint in it.

Photo: @bellahadid

The greatest example of dark chocolate brown hair is Bella Hadid’s all-time dark brunette hair color that we see constantly.

One-dimensional colors are also on the popular hair trends list of 2022. Dark chocolate brown is one of them and it’s getting more and more popular among IG models.


here’s nothing stopping you from being more natural.

Photo: @romeestrijd

Natural-looking shades are more popular than ever this year and the sandy blonde shade is one of the trendiest of them. Sandy blonde is a rich beige blonde shade that is a mixture of a cool and warm undertone.

The light blonde hue reminds me of the hot sparkling sands on the beach in the summertime. 🌴


This classic and elegant hairstyle isn’t so challenging to do at home.

Photo: @maryphillips

All you’re gonna need is a jumbo blowout brush and a dryer or a blow-dryer brush to lessen the dryer effort.


The fully sleek straight middle-parted supermodel hairstyle look is never getting old. 😍

You’ll see the words sleek and straight hair in every list of hairstyle trends in 2022. If you’re a fan of straight hair, there’re plenty of hairstyles that you can try out in front of the mirror.


It’s time to look effortless and unpolished by a minimum styling skill.

Using a smaller size curling iron, hold wax and hairspray to make your curls stay all day long. FYI: Less-is-more is always our motto when it comes to hairstyling. Start with a small number of styling products, then add more if still necessary.

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By Ecem Nur Ozgur

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