The 5 Brazilian Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know

Get a feel for Brazilian fashion, look no further than the nation’s online influencers.

Camila Coutinho

As the digital ambassador for the Rio Olympics, Camila Coutinho has been all over social media promoting the games

but long before she was snapping athletes winning gold, Coutinho was making a name for herself as one of Brazil’s most popular new-media stars.

Founding her site, Garotas Estúpidas, back in 2006, Coutinho was among the first fashion bloggers in Brazil.

Since then she’s expanded into YouTube and Instagram channels, where she shares everything from her thoughts on the latest trends to DIY lessons on how to make your own jewelry.

Helena Bordon

Blogger, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and trendsetter, Helena Bordon is a fixture in Brazilian fashion.

Daughter of Brazilian Vogue style director Donata Meirelles, who also helmed the influential São Paulo luxury boutique Daslu, Bordon grew up in the fashion industry.

Plugged into the latest trends—and not shy about wearing them—Bordon’s blog is a mix of lifestyle updates (like her recent wedding) and peeks into her Balmain- and Gucci-filled closet.

Loo Nascimento

Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, you can appreciate the vibrance of Loo Nascimento’s daily posts

where color and pattern abound, and whose addictive outfit updates showcase the beauty of embracing eclecticism.

On her blog, Bráfrica, Nascimento showcases the talents of Afro-Brazilian designers while giving readers a look into her eye-catching personal style.

Anna Fasano

Anna Fasano’s jet-setting takes her around the globe

one day she’s posting from the Jardin du Luxembourg, and the next she’s sitting poolside in St. Barth’s—but no matter where she goes, she brings a bit of Brazilian style with her.

Sharing travel diaries, celebrity-style updates, and her latest beauty finds, Fasano keeps her audience enthralled.

Alana Ruas

Who says Brazilian fashion is all about sundresses and bikinis? Alana Ruas brings a monochromatic ’90s-inspired vibe to her style that sets her blog apart.

Ruas shares shots of herself in textured velvet pants and bomber jackets, or oversize hoodies and novelty sunglasses, for a cool-girl look that wouldn’t seem out of place in downtown New York—and often serves as above-average inspiration.

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