teach your dog to stay

Here you will know how you can easily teach your dog to stay.

Why teach a dog to stay?

The stay commands allow you to keep your dog under control in a variety of situations.

You broke a flower pot. The floor is covered in mud. If your pup wakes through it, the whole house will be muddy. Thus, you ask your pup to stay on the couch while you clean up the floor.

Step-by-step guide

Here is a step-by-step guide for teaching a dog to stay

Keep swiping to know the easy steps for teaching a dog to stay.

1. Choose a quiet space for training.

The place where you train should not have any distractions.

If your pup is constantly distracted, it will not only impede the training process but will also cause a lot of frustration. Therefore, ensure that the room you are using to train does not have dog toys or any other items that your dog usually likes to play with.

2. Get good treats

Ensure that your dog loves the treats you are using.

When you select the treat, make sure that it is not only of good quality. It should also be well-liked by your pup. If your pup does not like the taste of the treat, it will not motivate him enough to follow your command.

3. Train your dog to sit

Sitting is the first step to learning to stay.

When you teach a dog to stay, you start with the sit command. First, you ask your dog to sit. If you decide to skip this step, you will never be successful at teaching a dog to stay.

4. Reward the behavior

Always reward when your dog exhibits the behavior you want.

If you are using clicker training methods, then use the clicker and offer the treat to your pup.

5. Add in distance and time.

Focus on adding more distance and time to the exercise.

Ask your dog to stay, go back a little more, come back, praise the behavior and offer a treat

6. Practice… practice… practice…

Always practice

You cannot expect your dog to become proficient in any type of training in one day. You must practice every day and at random times of the day.

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