Teach your dog to high five in 5 steps

Teach your dog to high five in 5 simple and effortless steps.

Simple steps

Training your dog does not have to be hard

Teaching your dog to high five is a straightforward training exercise. Dogs are very perceptive. If you have the right Type of treat in your hand, you can teach your dog any command in a few minutes.

It is not hard

You do not have to be worried about training your dog

Even if you are a first-time dog guardian, training your dog is very simple. All you need is a bit of time, patience, and good quality treats

1. Get good treats

Training can never be achieved if you do not have good quality treats

Treats motivate the dog to follow the command. Therefore, make sure that you have treats that your dog cannot resist. This way, the entire attention of your dog will be on you.

2. Never grab

Never grab your dog's paw to show the command

Your dog should follow the instruction on their own. If you force your dog by grabbing their paw, they may start to feel afraid of you instead of learning the command.

3. Hold the treat

Make a fist with the treat inside

Make sure to get a treat that your dog absolutely loves. This will make the training work a lot easier.

4. Keep treat at your dogs nose level

The purpose is to allow your dog to smell the treat

When the treaty is held at your dog's nose level, they will smell the trees. This will get them interested in the task and they are more likely to follow the command quickly.

5. Hi5

Time to say the command

When your dog pause at the treat, the paw of your dog would be raised. The moment the paw touches your hand, say 'hi-five' and offer the treat.


Practice makes perfect

Make sure to repeat the command at least five times.

Command-behavior connection

Say high-five before the paw lifts

After a few days, when your dog learns that pawing your hand gets them a treat, Show your hand and say 'hi-five'.The dog will lift the paw in response to the command

Regular training

Practice every day at random times

This will help cement the command in your dog's brain.

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