16 signs you are stuck in a toxic relationship part II

No one should stay stuck in toxic relationships.

Toxic relationship

Relationships where one person is controlling the other for their own gains.

When a person becomes insecure in the relationship and starts to control the other person, the relationship has become toxic. The toxic person manipulates the partner for his/her own gains and power over the victim.

Signs of toxic relationship part II

In this story, I will discuss the 9 remaining signs that you are stuck in a toxic relationship.

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8. It’s always a battleground

You both are on opposite sides instead of being on one side together.

The point of being in a relationship is that you and your partner will face all the hurdles together. If your partner makes you take responsibility for all problems and public let downs, the relationship is toxic and you should leave.

9. Verbal or physical abuse

Leave immediately

You deserve respect. You deserve happiness. You do not deserve to be hit and abused. Whether it is emotional, physical or sexual abuse, you need to leave.

10. Passive aggressive behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is possibly the deadliest sign of a toxic relationship.

If your partner tells you ‘I am fine’ but does not behave that way, find out what the problem is. However, if this behavior becomes predominant in your relationship, your partner is shutting you out.

11. Problem resolution is zero

Every conflict becomes an argument.

Your partner does not know how to deal with the problem in a safe manner. If every discussion is ending in arguments or fights, it is time to leave

12. No privacy

Privacy is important in every relationship

If your partner is going through your messages, receipts, social media, bills, your partner is controlling you and the relationship has become toxic.

13. Lying and cheating

The same cycle on a loop

Your partner cheats on you, apologises, then cheats again. When the foundation of trust has been shaken, there is no point staying in that relationship.

14. Does not involve you in any decision

The relationship is a two-way street.

If your partner is taking all important decisions alone or even taking decisions pertaining to you by himself or herself without asking you, you need to leave the toxic relationship

15. Hostile communication

When the communication goes south, there is nothing left to salvage

A few examples of hostile communication are

  • Yelling
  • Name-calling
  • Throwing or breaking things
  • Physical intimidation

16. Controlling behavior

When there is no independence, the relationship starts to feel like a noose tightening around your neck

  • Telling you what is right
  • Keeping you away from your friends and family
  • Managing your money
  • Being overly positive
  • Trusting you
  • Constantly accessing your personal devices

What to do if you are stuck in a toxic relationship?

If you feel you are in physical danger, involve the authorities.

If you’re planning to leave the relationship, check out the story on the steps needed to leave a toxic relationship.

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