Stop puppy nipping behavior

Stop puppy nipping behavior in 6 easy steps


On the addition of the new family member

Why do puppies bite?

A natural part of the puppy’s growth.

Puppies explore and learn their limits by their mouths. During playtime, littermates bite each other, test jaw strength, and understand how much force is okay to apply on one another. If the bite power is too much, others will protest by yelping or barking. This will let the puppy know to be gentle.

That bite hurts

28 razor-sharp teeth. What do you expect?

Not surprising that the bite can draw blood. With 28 razor shaprp teeth, if you are not careful, you will be covered in cuts and bruises in no time.

Techniques to stop puppy nipping behavior

Here are 6 ways to stop puppy nipping habit and save your fingers and toes

You can use either one of these techniques or all of these techniques depending on the situation. Never punish your pup for biting or any misconduct

1. The 'ouch' technique

This is the technique normally used by littermates and mother dog to warn the pup

When nipping hurts the littermates or mom, yelp. To stop the puppy nipping behavior, say a loud 'ouch!'. This will startle your puppy and he or she should stop nipping. Stop playing with the pup. Wait or 10-15 seconds before you start playing again

Bonus tip

Do not move away when your pup releases you.

When your puppy releases your hands or toes, on saying OUCH, do not move away from the puppy. If you move away, this would look like an invitation to chase, thus encouraging the biting behavior.

2. Redirect the puppy's attention

Redirection not only works with human kids but with puppies too.

Puppies have a very short attention span. It is possible that after a few minutes of playing with the toy, the puppy may come back to bite you. This time, use a different toy to direct the attention of the pup.

Bonus tip

Take a break and focus on nap time.

If your puppy is not showing any interest in the toy and keeps coming to nibble you, it is time to take a break. Do some crate training or take a nap break. Puppies need 20 hours of sleep time every day.

3. No contact games

Great puppy biting solutions

No contact games like tug of war, fetch etc. can be used to redirect the attention of your pup and stop puppy nipping behavior

4. Have many toys

Toys help keep your pup's attention away from you

Use the play pen or crate. Keep your puppy in that and provide 1-3 toys. When your puppy gets bored, switch the toys. Never give all the toys at once.

5. Never shout or punish

It will not deter the behavior but it may boost rebellious behavior.

Scolding, shouting or punishing the pup will not teach him right and wrong. It will only make him or her fearful of you Such acts may even contribute towards making your pup more aggressive.

6. Use SIT and STAY

Not possible to sit and try biting at the same time.

If your pup knows the SIT and STAY commands, ask your pup to SIT. Your pup cannot sit and try biting you. Remember to reward the behavior. Check out how to teach your dog to SIT

7. Socialize

Socializing can do the work for you

Socialization teaches the pup correct manners to interact with other dogs. If he bites other dogs, they will yelp and your pup will understand that this is not acceptable behavior.

Training must be consistent

Train your pup everyday without fail

Training your dog regularly keeps his/her mind sharp. Training has also been observed to prevent memory decline in dogs

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