Speak the language of the boardroom

Speak the language of the boardroom to get paid, promoted and recognised Rosetta Stone won’t get you into the boardroom, we will!

Does this sound familiar?

You are on the brink of a great position – but shy away from it because you are unsure if you can communicate as clearly and succinctly in English as you do in your mother tongue.

You have been successful and confident, you’ve gotten what you’ve asked for over time in your career, but now – in order to take the next step to having an externally facing role, you need solid English

You have a solid career, have been promoted, but suddenly feel like you reached a plateau?

Your biggest frustration is not being able to find the words – you know the words-

What if instead you...

You never let fear of sounding incompetent due to poor vocabulary slow down your career options

Never let fear of failing to think on your feet stop you again.

Never let fear of sounding incompetent due to poor vocabulary slow down your career options

Never miss outon opportunities and promotions for externally facing positions

Get promoted and/or increase your salary by 30%

In Boardroom English you will learn to think on your feet with agility and confidence to make the difference

● Module 1: Assess
● Module 2: Anchor
● Module 3: Adjust
● Module 4: Acquire

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But don't take our word for it...

"I quickly improved my communication and writing skills thanks to her support, tips, and advice José Luis A.

Julie B.

"Now I have more vocabulary and I am more organized when I have to introduce myself and my skills. I also have more confidence."

It’s time to get promoted, paid and recognised

A strategy in 3 steps is not for everyone

Only those who want to participate in decisive conversations that happen in the boardroom

The Guide: Leonilda Renaldo
am the expert at teaching managers to think on their feet, get paid, promoted and recognised.

For 13 years managers across the Americas and Europe have trusted me to support them in leveraging their careers using English as their weapon.

As an award-winning public speaker, I am certified in teaching methods and emotional intelligence. It is high time non native speakers participated in decisive international conversations.

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