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Why Venus Didn’t Turn Into Another Earth

There are plenty of reasons why Venus gets called Earth’s evil twin.

The planet’s got scorching temperatures, a poisonous atmosphere, and crushing pressures, but it also may have been habitable at one time.

In Part 1 of this series about Venus, our host Julian Huguet explores how the planet next door turned into a hellscape.

How Venus Went From Dream to Deadly

Venus is hell today, and we’ve got hard evidence to back up that idea.

However, thanks to sci-fi, for a long time, people actually thought Venus might be a paradise under its thick clouds.

In this episode, we examine how our thoughts of the planet evolved over time.

So Long Mars, Venus Is NASA’s Hottest New Thing

Why does it feel like Venus is suddenly everywhere in the news?

Maybe it’s because of a controversial study suggesting life could exist in the clouds or because the planet offers a glimpse at what happens when the climate gets out of control.

Perhaps it’s actually something else.

In the third and final episode about Venus, host Julian Huguet explains why the planet is back in the spotlight again.

The ISS Will Crash to Earth Soon, But Why?

NASA recently announced it will decommission the ISS by 2030.

But what's the plan for getting the football-field-sized station back to Earth?

Rockets Need Special Places to Launch, Here’s Where

Many of the U.S.'s most iconic rocket launches have taken place in a region on Florida's coast.

But what makes this area such a great place for lift off?

Scientists Found Particle 'X'

Now What?!

For the first time ever, scientists at CERN have spotted a bizarre “X" particle in a recreation of the primordial soup that existed just moments after the Big Bang, using the LHC.

Did Water Crash Into Earth From Space?

Did water crash into Earth from space by way of a massive comet, or was it around long before our planet's formation?

NASA’s Solar Probe Did the Impossible

Here’s How

The Parker Solar Probe just made a historic flyby of the Sun.

For the first time, the satellite passed through the Alfvén Critical Surface, which is where the Sun's atmosphere ends.

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