Simple tips for managing stress in daily life

We face daily challenges in fulfilling our responsibilities at home and work. Sometimes it leads to stress and health issues. Know few simple tips to manage stress.

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Stress is a natural part of human life. It is our mind's response to situations. Not all stress is bad, but prolonged exposure is not good.

Moderate and manageable level of stress improves alertness, learning and memory. It can even save us in emergency situations.

However, prolonged or extreme stress can lead to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart attack, high blood pressure.

Stress is not always caused by external events. Many times, it is self-generated and how our mind perceives happenings in our life.

We can cope up with stress by restoring and rebooting ourselves. Here are few tips to help in managing stress.

It's OK to be not OK

Everyday is not going to be a happy day. Be realistic and learn to maintain optimistic mindset even when things are not going good.Always feel good about yourself.

Don't bite off more than you can chew

We cannot fulfill all demands on us in life. Learn to say No to things which you cannot do at that given point of time. Don't overstretch yourself everyday. Follow your schedules.

Overcome the fear of unknown

Fear of tomorrow is the biggest stress factor. Learn to live in the moment and make the most of it. The more we embrace the changes in our life, the more resilient we will become.

The Joy of Giving

Lending a helping hand to others in need can be a good stress reliever. Research has shown that helping others can reduce stress.

Focus on what you can control

There are events in life which are beyond our control. Do your best in what you can do and learn to accept whatever the outcome be.

Make time for interests

Pursue your hobbies and interests. Do what you really enjoy doing, such as painting, music, sport or writing.

Connect with those you love

Talk about what is worrying you with your friends or family. Be assertive instead of becoming angry or passive.

Learn to forgive

Feelings like anger stress you more. Learn to forgive others and free up yourself from the negative energy. Just ignore and move on.

Stress is contagious

Research shows that simply seeing someone in stress can increase the level of our stress hormone, called Cortisol. Spend more time with people who are happy because happiness is also contagious.

Don't put off doing something

Procrastination creates stress. In most occasions, stress is on account of the guilt of not doing something that we should be doing. Don't divert your focus from the activities that you have planned for yourself.

Play with your pets

Pets are the real stress busters. They are also human's best emotional support companions.Take your dog for a walk, play with them, or just talk to them.

Exercise daily

Spend sometime daily in exercising. It releases endorphins, which is a chemical produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Eat right. Eat in time.

Eating balanced food in time regularly keeps you healthy.Don't skip meal because you have work pressure or something else.

Practice meditation

Meditation is a deep state of relaxation. It helps to clean our mind from crowded thoughts. Simple meditation techniques like quiet sitting, relaxed breathing can help in managing stress.

Manage stress and be healthy

We can manage stress by reducing the stressors or improving our ability to manage it or a combination of both. If stress persists for weeks or affects you, consult doctor.

Only for informational purposes. Not an advice.

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