Signs you need a dog trainer

No dog is untrainable. But, sometimes, our approach is not the right one. Under such conditions, a dog trainer can help.

Signs you need a dog trainer

These signs indicate you need help of a dog trainer

Here are some of the common signs that would tell you that you require the services of a dog trainer as soon as possible.

1. Extreme destructive behavior

Difficulty in handling unwanted chewing behavior

If you are finding it challenging to train your dog out of the extreme unwanted chewing behavior, you need the help of a dog trainer. Click on the link to read more...

2. Excessive barking

Excessive barking can cause a lot of problems.

Excessive barking can be a sign of physical or mental distress. If your training methods are not sufficient to get the behavior under control, you need a dog trainer.

3. Aggression

Aggression can be difficult to handle by the dog parent

A dog trainer will have experience in handling such situation based in previous experience.

4. Housetraining issues

You are unable to housetrain your dog.

A professional dog trainer will guide you through the housetraining phases and help you troubleshoot any of the problems that you might face.

5. Basic command issues

Every dog must know basic commands like sit, come, stay, and finally, leash training.

If you are struggling with these simple commands or if it seems that your dog is purposefully not listening to you., you need to get a consultation from a certified dog trainer.

6. Recall issues

The absence of recall training and lead to serious problems in the future.

Problems with recalls can lead to a dangerous situation. You need a dog trainer if you are not able to solve the problem.

7. Excessive jumping

The habit of jumping on everyone is not a good behavior

However, if you are facing difficulty in training your dog to not engage in this behavior, you need a dog trainer's help.

8. Resource guarding

Resource guarding is one issue that is faced by many dog parents.

If your dog is displaying resource guarding towards anything, whether it is a bone, food, treat, toy, chair, bed, couch, etc., you need to get the help of a trainer.

9. Excessive leash pulling

Leash pulling behavior can be extremely dangerous

Excessive leash pulling will lead to you spraining your shoulder and your dog is straining his muscles for no reason. Therefore, get the help of a certified dog trainer at the earliest.

10. Bolting

Bolting is a serious problem since it puts the safety of your dog at risk.

Your dog may escape from the house, get spooked by something, and assault your neighbor, mailman, or anyone who is in the way. Thus, this behavior needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

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