Siberian Husky: a complete guide

Initially developed as sled dogs, Siberian Huskies have become a dog lovers favorite breed.

Understanding Siberian Huskies

Let's understand the crucial characteristics of this breed.

Known for their powerful gait, Siberian Huskies reach up to 60 pounds in body weight.

1. Lifespan

Huskies live upto 14 to 16 years of age

Huskies are relatively healthy dogs. They are generally medium sized and tend to stay clean.

3. Snow noses

Their noses change color depending on the weather.

Huskies have pink noses during winter season. During warm weather, the pink colour turns to black.

4. Temperament

Extremely energetic

Perfect for you if you have an active lifestyle. They get along well with other dogs and animal companions as well.

5. High prey drive

They go after everything that moves.

You must keep an eye on your pu’s high prey drive. You may become a flying guardian if your pup spots a squirrel.

6. Separation anxiety

Lack of activity can cause separation anxiety in huskies

Huskies do not do very well if left alone. You need a active lifestyle to keep your puppy busy and not allow the pup to develop separation anxiety.

7. Grooming required

Set aside one day aside every week to groom your Husky.

Huskies shed all year round. However twice a year. They shed much more. Bathe your dog every 3 months. Never shave or trim the coat.

8. Exercise needs

Three to five mile walks needed regularly

If walking everyday is not possible, provide your husky the option to go for runs 4 days a week.

What's the verdict?

Is the Husky the right dog for you?

If you live in tropical climate or if your lifestyle is sedentary, getting a husky may not be the right option for you. This, take your and think before you decide.

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