Shining a light on the age-old embroidery craft of Kaamdani

The collection is heavily focused on kaamdani this time

because we wanted to highlight that this is a dying art form and collectively

We really need to support the karigars and their craft which is centuries old and ensure it does not fade off. We are flying in karigars to showcase this craft being done live for more people to understand this craft and efforts of the artisans.

Kaamdani, Badla and Mukaish what is the difference?

They are all different names to the same art form. Just that they are done in different regions and hence have different names.

How is it different to zari?

Zari is a thread embroidery which is done on an adda (frame). Kaamdani is typically metal embroidery which is done with strips of metal without using any adda.

It therefore requires a skilled trained hand as there is a high chance of cutting your hand since it involves the use of metal threads.

What can you tell us about Kaamdani’s history?

So, this craft actually came into being along with chikankari or maybe just a few years apart because it originated as the art which was supposed to be used as an embellishment to accentuate the chikankari and give it a more royal appeal.

Initially when it came into being, it was done in actual gold and silver metal from artisans in Lucknow and gradually it got a life of its own and started being used independently.

How long does it take to make a piece?

Kaamdani pieces take anything between 10 days for a kurta or up to two years for an intricate sari The little dots that are most commonly used by contemporary Indian fashion designers are usually the work of female artisans.

However, this art form is mostly created by the hands of men.

Is it an artform that is not receiving the attention it deserves?

Most certainly it is an art form which is not receiving its due attention.

We all collectively need to work towards promoting this craft to make sure this art form is revived and it stays around.

If we as a community start using this and promoting this art form more aggressively then it will certainly be revived and get it’s due attention.

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