"Saturday Night Live" Absolutely Destroyed The Fourth

These moments came in like a wrecking ball.

Mozart Sketch

In this sketch, Justin Timberlake plays the legendary composer when he decides to take a break from making music to pursue an acting career.

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From there, the cast makes jokes about Justin's film, Friends With Benefits, and how it is similar to No Strings Attached. They joke about how his performance in The Social Network and how he was overlooked by the Oscars and the Golden Globes. They also poke fun at his work with Andy Samberg, who plays Mozart's buddy, Salieri. And they even squeezed in a joke about Bieber for good measure.

Clinton Gets Cancelled

Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton sits in the Oval Office, talking to the American public about his love of the sexual details in the infamous Paula Jones deposition.

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The fake president goes as far as to sell copies of it as an erotic novel with its own romantic cover. This goes on until Will Ferrell walks into frame, issuing a subpoena to him for his impression of the U.S. president before taking over the show.

R. Kelly Interview

Kenan Thompson does a hilariously dim-witted impression of disgraced singer R. Kelly when he is interviewed by Gayle King.

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Kenan's character is so ridiculously idiotic, that he mispronounces King's first name and mistakes a potted plant for a camera.

In the end, Kelly turns to the wall and begins to shout the show's opening catchphrase, only for King to point him the other way.

Immigrant Tale

Justin Timberlake, the singer stars as his ancestor, Cornelius, as he first arrives on Ellis Island.

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There, he shares his dreams of what his descendant, Justin, will accomplish in his life, making fun of himself, his singing career, and his sense of fashion.

While that joke about Britney might not have aged well, the sketch as a whole is a hilariously fun poke at Justin, with Andy Samberg's ancestor coming out and making fun of himself as well.

Jheri's Place

It's a hilarious pivot that leads to some laughable meta-commentary about the show, the cast, and their past mistakes.

Photo: NBC / Via youtube.com

At first, this sketch seemed like it was going to be about a barbershop where the employees are interrogated about customer complaints.

However, it quickly falls apart and the cast ends up speaking to the press in the style of an NFL post-game conference, towels and all.

Biden Brags

Following Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Jim Carrey reprised his role as the 46th president to celebrate this win with Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris.

Photo: NBC / Via YouTube

In the end, Carrey delivers Trump the mother of all burns by saying that in this election, there has to be a winner and a loser, calling Trump the latter as his iconic character, Ace Ventura.

What's Up With That

When Jason Sudeikis returned to SNL in 2021, he starred in this fan-favorite as Vance, the guy in the red tracksuit.

Photo: NBC / Via youtube.com

His character is known for dancing behind Kenan Thompson's character as he sings.

At the end of this particular sketch, Kenan's character shouts, "Watch Ted Lasso," referencing Sudeikis's hit show and the fact that his iconic dance in this sketch was used in its very first episode.

Men's Room Sketch

In this recent sketch with Kieran Culkin, a bunch of the male cast stars as office workers on a bathroom break together.

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They all try to break the ice with some awkward comments, but after each one, the men speak to the camera to express their discomfort and to criticize what they just said.

Eventually, one of them throws a curveball at the audience by confessing that he committed murder.

Every guy has felt weird socializing in the bathroom together, and the way the characters dramatically address the audience gets that feeling across all too well.

The Ingraham Angle

In this parody of Laura Ingraham's talk show, Kate McKinnon's impersonation of her spreads misinformation and right-wing conspiracy theories.

Photo: NBC / Via youtube.com

At the end of one of these sketches, her character makes a report about Alec Baldwin sexually assaulting a Boy Scout, showing a picture of him and Adam Sandler in their controversial "Canteen Boy" sketch on SNL.

It's a surprising and hilarious jab at Baldwin and the conservatives' beef with his over-the-top impression of Donald Trump on the show.

More Time Times "Saturday Night Live"

Absolutely Destroyed The Fourth Wall

Though Saturday Night Live always breaks the fourth wall when they announce the start of the show, there have been special cases in which the show steps out of a sketch's boundaries.

Whenever SNL does this, it's so the show can make fun of itself, its cast, or just to defy the audience's expectations, all for the sake of laughs.

In the spirit of good humor, let's take a crack at the list of 20 Times Saturday Night Live Broke Through the Fourth Wall.


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